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Char Terry's Unique Pottery

Char Terry studied art at the University of Wisconsin with a focus on clay. She moved to Washington where she had a studio, showed in many galleries, and taught clay techniques.

Now living in Cottonwood, Arizona, Char is enjoying the sun and spending much of her time focusing on pottery, which she believes in an extension of her soul.

Her current body of work has been greatly influenced by the art of the Southwest, both past and present. Each piece demands 16 to 25 hours of work. Techniques used are handbuilt, wheel-thrown, and altered, and she combines these techniques with most of her pieces. Once the form is complete, she applies terra-sigillata. Carving into the terra-sigillata is what creates the designs, all of which are unique. She then burnishes, fires, applies encaustic finish, and burnishes again.

The encaustic is a durable finish incorporating various waxes and linseed oil. While the pieces are made to hold water, they are not recommended for use with food products, dishwasher, or microwave.

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