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Warm the Cockles of your Heart...with Art!

It's a bit of a chilly day here in Sedona, with dark clouds threatening snow. It's a great day to focus on all that keeps us warm--from the sun, to that sunny smile from a loved one. Bright colors, flowers, hot drinks, soft blankets, and connection with others. All these and more add up to help keep the light in our lives bright.

Art is a part of all of this, of course! Having that perfect art piece that inspires you every time you look at it, or that special scarf, shirt or necklace that helps you feel better the moment you put it on can make all the difference some days!

So if you're nearby and the mood strikes you--c'mon in and enjoy the beautiful items that we have here (over 8,000 square feet of them)! We look forward to seeing you.

Salt rock lamp available in Booths #2 and #39

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