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Ruth Cornell and the Archaeology Event!

Ruth Cornell, one of our wonderful artists here at the Sedona Artist Market, is a volunteer for a yearly archaeology event, which is held at the Forest Service Archaeological site known as V-V Petroglyphs. (V-V was once a homestead ranch that was built upon this prehistoric site.) This site is now open to visitors for viewing ancient petroglyphs of the Sinaguan Culture.

Ruth's part in this fun activity weekend is to paint "atlatl" targets, which feature a prehistoric large animal as a target for the people to use as they experience this ancient hunting weapon. Atlatl is an ancient hunting tool which predates the bow and arrow, and it's similar to a spear.

Friends of hers locate huge pieces of cardboard for me (4 x 6 feet) upon which to paint these exotic animals. She's painted more than a dozen animals over

the years, and always looks forward to coming up with a different animal to depict.

Featured below are a few of the pictures of past years plus the "Fighting Mastodons" for this year!

For one weekend in March they hold an event for visitors to view re-created skills and handicrafts for a glimpse into the way of life of ancient peoples, old settlers,

and trappers. Many volunteers demonstrate to the visitors the art of primitive fire making, cooking agave, pottery firing, weaving sandals from agave leaves and

throwing atl-atl shafts at a target. The "trappers" have an outstanding display of homemade items necessary for survival and daily necessities of 250 plus years

in the past. Last but no least, the Yavapai Dancers perform traditional dances for the visitors. For more information:

Thank You, Ruth--for your volunteerism and wonderful artistic talent, and putting your time and heart into these fantastic art pieces!

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