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Jan & Nelson Avery: Arizona Agate

Arizona Agate’s pendants, along with beautiful minerals from around the world, can now be found at the Sedona Artist Market.

Jan Avery states, "I am a rockhound. I am blessed to live in central Arizona, just a stone's throw from the beautiful Sedona red rocks. My location allows me to travel all over the state looking for potential rocks for my cabochons. Some are from the Peloncillo Mountains in southeastern Arizona, some are from Sheep Bridge in Bloody Basin, and some are even from Apache Creek, New Mexico.

"Most of the pendants I make started with a rock that I found. I cut the rock into slabs on a rock saw in my workshop. Next, I draw a shape on a slab and cut it out on a trim saw. On my cab machine, I grind, sand, and polish the shape to the fine finish that you see in my pendants. I then wire wrap each one. The process is long and arduous, but I thoroughly enjoy it! You are truly getting a handmade item when you purchase one of my pendants.

"I prefer to wire wrap so that the beauty of the cabochon is not obscured by layers and layers of wire. I believe that people want to see the stone, not the wire covering it!

"Not many rocks are perfect, and occasionally one of my cabs may have lines, inclusions, and vugs (holes). This is the natural stone, just the way it came from the earth. I believe these 'imperfections' add to the character of the stone. My pendants are intended to be fun jewelry, not fine jewelry. I use quality tarnish-resistant wire. I stay away from sterling silver or gold, as it only adds exponentially to the retail price. I price my pendants so that they are affordable."

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