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Healer and Artist--Tracy Sheppard

One of our own Art Sales Consultants also has a booth here! Tracy had been traveling full-time with her husband when she was bitten by the Sedona 'bug' once again, after having lived here twice before (in '93 and '05).

Tracy is an Empath, Healer, Astrologer, Writer, and Artist. She paints energetic resonances, and fills her art pieces with positive and supportive healing energies (using a variety of mediums, including Reiki). She strives toward the ideal that artwork can influence any environment that it's in.

She is looking forward to adding short books to her booth in the near future, which will detail positive life-changing experiences that she's had in Sedona. These experiences include "calling" her husband into her life, and dissolving huge anxiety and fear--all through the help of Sedona's red rocks!

Speaking of Sedona's red rocks, the final glaze coating of her artworks includes a red rock dusting and patina, so everyone takes home a literal piece of Sedona with every art piece. Art with heart!


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