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Robert Tant Offers New Works

Born on Staten Island, New York, Robert Tant attended Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1979. He continued studying environmental design, moving from New York to Los Angeles in the fall of 1982, there attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Currently Robert resides in Flagstaff, Arizona.

His many credits include inventor, interior and exterior architectural lighting designer/consultant, architectural designer, interior designer, illustrator, industrial designer, draftsman, graphic artist, painter, sculptor, and craftsman builder of stone and wood.

Wall Hanging Sculptures are created from the natural beauty of earth's sublime elements.

Rock Art Panels are deceptively simple artworks that combine various types of wood and ancient stones. Earth's elements brought into our personal environment reminds us of our love for nature. Combining assortments of river stones into a “Wabi-sabi like" expression, a restful Zen in the work offers an intrinsic natural raw beauty. Form, texture, color, aged "found" materials and "remnant" exotic woods influence each panel design. This work explores and artistically expresses the timeless interlaced natural beauty that surrounds us. Rock art panels may also be custom made.

All stones are unaltered. The process begins in dry creek beds, and in canyons far from city streets. Selecting and collecting stones of varied types is the foundation of the work. Time is spent visually scanning the surface of earth for just the right stones. Once the stones arrive at the studio they are doused with boiling water and laid out to dry. Then the assembly process begins. Various wood types, mostly remnant hardwoods and reclaimed lumber of various sorts, are used in the panel configurations. For the time being the panels are made for interior applications only. Many configurations are possible: silhouette, framed, open edge, and interior panels can be customized to fit a variety of interesting architectural applications. The origin of these works spring from a love of nature.

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