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Painted Silk Scarves by Karen Spehar

Karen Spehar graduated from Fashion Design School in New York City when she was 19. The art class was her favorite, and she was offered a job at Art News. Three years later, she sold scarves at Macy's in San Francisco.

After a career in real estate, she began painting impressionistic studies in watercolor, pastels, and oils. One class that stood out for her was taught by Betty Ritter of Prescott, who inspired Karen with her watercolor silk scarf technique. Further inspiration was provided by Ellie Baker, who motivated Karen to listen to her inner voice of wisdom, meditate, travel, observe, and follow her heart and paint.

Karen starts with a white silk scarf, paints it, steams it for four hours, irons it, then decorates it further before delivering it to be sold. The scarves can be washed separately in cool water, and then, if necessary, ironed lightly after being turned inside out.

Karen says seeing the palette of colors in the Sedona and Cornville landscapes is an enchantment and a delight. She adds that the wisdom and assistance of her adored husband, John, makes her life a very happy one.

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