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Clark Sheppard's Landscapes

Clark Sheppard celebrates Sedona’s magic and beauty with award-winning paintings in oil/acrylic/watercolor.

The most recent recognition of his art was a request for the licensing of his oil painting, “Creekside Cathedral,” featured in the New Media series "Snatchers," produced by Stage 13, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Since the licensing of his art to Warner Bros., Clark started looking to develop a specialized niche utilizing his vibrant color palette. He attended a “Modern Abstract” workshop at the Sedona Art Center. Clark took to this new and stylized way of painting like a duck to water, calling it “whimsically abstracting the landscape.”

Former President George W. Bush is a proud owner of Clark's award-winning “Patriotic Longhorns.” His art has been in SouthwestArt Magazine, Cowboys & Indians, American Cowboy, Texas Monthly, and True West magazines.

Clark's initial exposure to painting and creating wall art began simply enough in 1990, through an adult evening education course at his local New Jersey high school. He started working with the medium of watercolor, thinking, “How hard could it be?”… only to discover that it was one of the most challenging mediums.

Clark has been living his dream in Sedona, Arizona, since 2004. He feels that Sedona is the most beautiful place on earth. The whimsical feel of his work is inspired by the unique and magical beauty of Sedona. Clark says his daily gratitude for living in this remarkable place continually reminds him to open and expand his conscious awareness of and appreciation for the profound impact nature can have on us when we honestly pay attention to this beautiful planet we call Earth.

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