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Spirit Heart Art

New vendors Linda and David, of Spirit Heart Art, have arrived at Sedona Artist Market. They state that all items sold through Spirit Heart are created with love and guidance from Spirit.

All paintings are created by Linda. Inspired by nature, she says, "I like to play with colors. I often do a meditation before I begin painting and stop throughout the process to just look at the piece and see if Spirit has any direction to give me. I have ideas and then while creating, it’s like the possibilities open up and I just allow the image to come through. I find myself getting lost in some of my paintings. It’s what I love about the process."

All jewelry is created by David. He grew up taking every art class he could find. One of his favorite things to do was to go to an art museum. An exhibition of Vincent van Gogh affected him profoundly at a young age. David studied scientific illustration in college. After moving to Sedona, he apprenticed with stone carver Gary Nielson, and the two worked together at the Tucson International Gem and Mineral Show for 10 years. David is also selling his book, Desert Tuesdays.

Spirit Heart Art also proudly offers items for sale that are created by Native American artisans as a way to support their work.

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