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What is a Raven? What is a Crow?

Find out here!

Here at the Sedona Artist Market we are often asked if the majestic, black birds outside are Ravens or Crows? Well, look no further, we have your answer here!! Painting above by Wayne Johnson titled "King of the Hill"

First off, what is a raven? Known as a 'common raven' or a 'northern raven' these birds are part of the passerine bird family, or more specifically a Corvid. The common raven can be found all across the Northern Hemisphere, and is the most widely distributed of all of the corvids. There are at least eight subspecies with little variation in appearance.

Now for what a crow is, or more specifically what an American crow is. The scientific name for a crow is a 'Corvus brachyrhynchos'. The American crow is also part of the Corvid bird family. This species of bird is also found throughout northern America. The other common types of crow around the world are the carrion crow and the hooded crow.

....So, if you had to guess as to which bird is most common to our wonderful little town of Sedona, which do you think it would be? If you guessed the raven, you are CORRECT!!! Yes, it is true, ravens love visiting us here in Sedona, we are sure that crows would love to bask in the sunlight of Sedona, however this land is most certainly belonging to the RAVENS!! :D

We hope you enjoyed this SAM blog entry, we enjoyed having you. Hope to see ya soon at our store.

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