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Cyndie Koopsen

Cyndie Koopsen is a ceramicist. She is a potter. She is an artist. Oddly enough, she took an art class when she was eight years old and was told she had no talent and no creativity. Clearly, some people should not teach.

Cyndie has always loved playing in the mud; she's very tactile. She loves to start with one thing and transform it into something else. She began ceramics classes two years ago and seems to have found her niche.

She finds it difficult to contain all of her ideas. When she can't sleep, she happily tunes in to pottery videos on her phone, watching under the covers so she doesn't disturb her husband.

One of the techniques she enjoys is sgraffito, which is produced by applying layers of color to the pottery and then scratching off part of the layers to create images and texture. She aspires to create pottery that becomes a canvas which is both interesting to look at and interesting to feel.

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