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Life is a Work of Art!

You can always make changes!

Interesting thing, life. Oftentimes we might find ourselves in a state of being that feels lackluster and 'blah'. One thing that we can always do is look for what we can change--whether it be inner or outer, and sometimes the outer can help with the inner.

For instance, something as simple as a throw pillow can make a positive difference. Or just the right hanging piece of art (whether it's canvas, metal, ceramic, photograph, fabric, beads, etc.),

Whatever medium it is, whether it be through a lively burst of color to your environment, or whether it showcases a favorite image, it can add a lift to your mind and spirit! And who couldn't use a little more of that? The more inspired we are, the more we do to inspire others! Our lives are our let's all live how we want to FEEL.


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