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Elizabeth Martina Bishop

Elizabeth Martina Bishop is an author, performance poet, choreographer, and visionary artist. A writer of both prose and poetry, she wrote her first poem when she was seven years old.

She grew up in New York City, joining the Peace Corps in the first year of the program and serving in north Africa. She then lived in Ireland for 13 years before moving back to the U.S., where she spent the next 15 years teaching and counseling on the Navajo Nation.

Elizabeth has been busily self-publishing numerous books of poetry since 2009. She is currently enrolled in the Carlow University Writing Program. She also has a PhD in ethnic studies from Bowling Green.

Elizabeth recently wrote 365 poems in one month. The final result, a book entitled When a Window Opens, serves as an oracle of sorts, with each poem matched with a day of the year. She hopes to challenge herself to repeat the process of creating a year's worth of poems over the course of a single month.

She believes that art communicates across boundaries and cultures. Come into Sedona Artist Market and break some boundaries, 10-5, Monday through Sunday.

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