Block Printing and More!

Brian Myers always dreamed of being an artist for a living. He finds he is inspired by the natural environment, beauty all around him and other artists.

Brian graduated from Maryland Institute College of Arts, better known as MICA -- one of the top art schools on the east coast -- and had a successful career in advertising and marketing before moving to Sedona with his wife about five years ago.

Brian is now living his dream as a full-time artist. He works in mixed media, acrylic and oil painting, as well as block printing. The image shown here is one of his linoleum block prints. To do this print, Brian first carves the image into the linoleum. He then inks the block with the colors he wants and prints it onto the paper.

Block print is a form of art not practiced by a lot of artists today. If you're looking for that unique piece, stop by the Sedona Artist Market. Don't forget to check out Brian's work in both #53.

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