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Franki Martin Designs

Franki has been an artist her entire life. In her early 20's she was a starving artist making jewelry and having fun. The realization that she needed to support herself led to a 20-plus-year successful business career as a mortgage banker.

As her business career became more demanding, little time was left for designing and working with metal. Her journey has finally brought her back to her roots, passion . . . and her heart. Born, raised, and educated on the East Coast, she studied silversmithing at an early age. In 2007, she began the path back to what she loved the most. She read, experimented, and taught herself as much as she could. She then traveled to France and all over the United States studying with some of the best metal clay artisans, learning the techniques she uses today in creating her designs.

As an award winning artist, her work is One-of-a-kind and Handcrafted with a unique form of silver. Initially soft and pliable - just like clay, she creates her pieces as a sculptor would. It is then placed into a kiln... the organic binders burn off... leaving a solid piece of pure 99.9 silver.

Franki says, "Art is my passion. . . I thank you for being a part of this journey with me." Stop by Sedona Artist Market and look for Franki in booth #67 and of course don't forget to peruse the store for that special must have art piece.

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