Rima Thundercloud

Rima Thundercloud remembers her Iroquois and Ojibway upbringing in Minnesota and Michigan fondly. "I remember creating baby blankets by weaving leaves together for my baby dolls at four years of age." It was the beginning of a fascination with nature that included feathers, rocks, shells, and anything else she could transform into a new beauty.

After immersion in the traditions of her relatives and elders, her art career blossomed when, as a single mother of three, she began supporting herself and her children by incorporating her spiritual roots with her love of natural objects. She sold her beautiful and intricate feathered ceremonial adornment masks, shields, and other creations in shows throughout the country.

In addition to exhibiting at the South Dakota Native Art Museum, Rima designed and marketed with the permission of her Ojibway elders an extremely popular line of dream catchers. She has won awards from The Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Denver Southwest Native American Art Show. She has also won prizes at the New Orleans Mardi Gras Mask Show and Maskathon.

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