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Mukto Logue

Mukto is a Dutch-born self-taught artist who developed the ability to tune in and become a medium for universal healing vibrations, translated into color and form, as expressed in her mandala art.

Since 1978 she has been drawing forms and colors in a circle, the mandala. She always started with the circle and from the center outward, with nothing especially in mind, just whatever line and color appeared.

Sometimes images will form, continuously changing until the very last moment of completing the drawing. She began with pastel pencils and oil crayons. In the late 80s she found her medium in the finer colored pencils, which she still uses today.

Her hand-drawn mandalas are geometrical or free flowing and reflect Mukto's years of meditation as a disciple of Osho.

She says, "Drawing a mandala is a beautiful journey and meditation. Inner exploration and meditation over the past years have deepened this experience."

Mukto worked for 30 years as a registered nurse in the Netherlands and has an extensive background in the field of natural healing.

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