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Mark Vranesh

It's clear that Mark Vranesh has been influenced by his love for the southwest and those who came before us. He creates petroglyph images and landscapes by combining watercolor impressionism with handmade paper, pastels, photography, and natural fiber collage.

Mark began his art career while in law school. The self-taught painter has since received the "Nevada's Best" award and enjoyed a moment of fame on QVC, selling more than 400 of his petroglyph gourd vessels in seven minutes.

Mark says, "My art is a reflection of my experiences, travels, and inner feelings. Inspired by nature's beauty and a sense of place, I hope to capture the joys we all share."

Visit Sedona Artist Market from 10 to 5 seven days a week to enjoy Mark's work as well as the work of over 100 other local artists.

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