Art is Good For You!

Science has proven that partaking in art (simply looking at it, not to mention creating it) can affect us on all levels of our being in positive ways.

I think we've all experienced feeling more inspired and less stressed after seeing something that's engaged our minds and sense of beauty. Feeling uplifted helps to lower our cortisol (otherwise known as the 'stress hormone', and can help us feel...well, whatever we want, really. Do you want to feel more peaceful? Take in water scenes, Nature, flowers, the Moon. Do you want to feel more energized and invigorated? Spend time with an action scene, vibrant abstract colorscape, or the Sun!

The point is, we can change the way we feel from what we look at, and that is a great thing. Next time you come in for a visit, consciously boost your positive energy as you see all of the art!

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