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Owl Feather Studio at the Sedona Artist Market

Kathie Gabriel, with her son and daughter are Owl Feather Studios. They have been part of the Sedona Artist Market since we opened our doors last year.

Along with creating one-of-a-kind sacred feather fans, purses & shamanic shields painted on deerhide, she still enjoys working with color by painting on canvas. Her original Sedona Deck & Oracle© (now in its third printing) features artwork about Sedona and is another creation directed from Spirit. Kathie was led to Sedona in the mid 90’s and currently shares a home and studio at the base of Thunder Mountain in Sedona, AZ, with her grown artist children. She never tires of the red rock views and loves working in her garden when she is not working in her studio.

Kathie says, “As a human and spiritual being fortunate enough to live in Sedona, Arizona, I am continually blessed and inspired by the incredible beauty of the red rock landscape and brilliant blue sky in this sacred land…. As a visionary artist I try to capture that mystical & sacred quality in my work, not only through the dramatic use of light & color, but also through the feeling, energy and beauty of this sacred space…”

Stop by Sedona Artist Market and check out Owl Feather Studio in booth 32B and 32C.

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