Rock Formation
Frequently Asked Questions

If I see a piece online, how can I get it?

If you look through our Live Art Gallery and find something you like, you can either contact us through email or phone number, or send a message through the "Let's Chat!" button and we will certainly get back to you. From there, we can ship it directly to you via Pack and Ship.

Do you ship purchased items?

Yes, we do ship. It is a service fee of $25 on top of the shipping. It is done by getting a quote from Pack and Ship, which is usually given to you within 3 days after your purchase of the piece.

Are you open seven days a week?

We are! Come by any day from 10 to 5 and enjoy our eclectic range of local, regional and Native American artists! Just make sure you come on a day that ends with the letter "y".

How do I rent a space?

You will need to fill out one of our applications. We have a jury system where you bring in 5 pieces of your work, along with a jury fee of $10 and your filled-out application. Once you're voted in we go from there. 

Click Here to get a PDF of our application. You need to live anywhere in the state of Arizona.

Do you buy consignment?

We do not buy consignment. We only offer rental space and sell it to artists with hand-crafted original pieces of their work. 

Are pets allowed to view the art with me when I come in?

As long as they are well-trained, feel free to invite your furry friend to walk by your side as you both gaze upon the marvelous works we have to offer.