From the author:
This book addresses the fact that we do not live in an isolated bubble; we live in a community, and living a low toxin life out in the community is more complicated.


I have now been doing this, really, as self-defense, for more than 3 years. I interact fully now within my community in a way that does not interfere with my commitment to keep toxins as low in my life as possible, and in this book, I want to share all those tips.


It is also common, once one gets one autoimmune disease, to get multiple autoimmune diseases, and I wanted to ensure that this didn't happen to me. In other words, I was very motivated to figure this out.I now want to share this all with you. Once you clean up the toxins in your immediate life, these tips will help you avoid getting flares, and they will help you minimize the pain. 


After time, it becomes a way of life. So much of our social interaction takes place over food. Figuring out how to still participate in the social occasions of my life has been a growing experience.


Read more about Cheryl on her blog here.


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"Feeling Good: Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life," by Cheryl Meyer

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