All of Charlie's "Charlieware" is food/dishwasher/microwave-safe.


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Charlie Anderson has lived most of his life in the American Southwest, which allowed him to explore the ruins and examine artifacts of the Anasazi culture, which lived in the four corners area in the years around 1000 C.E.

Although Charlie himself is not Native American, he is very proud that his pottery can be found in the kitchens of Hopi and Navajo families living near Flagstaff. This is most likely because the designs and colors are familiar and pleasing to them, while also being utility ware that can be used for cooking and serving and can be put in the dishwasher.

Charlie refers to his pottery--"Charlieware""--as Pueblo fusion, using designs found on Anasazi pots as well as elements of modern pueblo pottery. His designs are not true to any specific pueblo but may include portions of several different pueblos, as well as images from Membres pottery from southern New Mexico.

Charlie is also greatly influenced by the potters of Mata Ortiz, Mexico, where he learned to make and use human hair brushes.

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