Pictured is a  complete set of over 500 carats of Baja Green Turquoise with copper and bronze freshwater pearl accents. Pieces are interchangeable. Featuring a 24-inch chain of 479ct alone or with a 13ct turquoise pendant cluster.


The two bracelets are 8 inches each and can be connected into a 16-inch chain as shown. I will sell pieces individually. I can customize size.


I cannot duplicate the art. I can customize designs. Conception, design, and creation are an iterative process for me. Ideas that cannot be achieved are mere dreams. I have spent weeks working with clients to realize their vision.


NOTES: Turquoise is stabilized for hardening and color retention (not colorized). Copper may patina. Rare earth Mag-Loc magnets are used and all my creations are interchangeable.


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Baja Green Turquoise Necklace and Bracelets Set

SKU: 2180-turqset
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