June 26, 2019

Sedona Artist Market welcomes three new artists: jeweler Kimberly Lee, painter Tara Monty, and jeweler Mallory Carleton. Come in to see their work; we're open every day, 10 to 5.

Kimberly Lee

Kimberly Lee

Kimberly Lee

 Tara Monty

 Tara Monty

 Tara Monty

 Mallory Carleton

 Mallory Carleton

 Mallory Carleton

May 4, 2019

Mothers Day is early this year, May 12th one week away.  Stop by Sedona Artist Market to find that perfect gift for your Mom.  

We have a plethora of Jewelry:

In addition to Jewelry we also have a variety of other gifts and of course some amazing art.


Gemstones large and small:

    Amethyst above, Labradorite to the right 

Paintings, Assemblage Art and Wood Art....

October 13, 2018

According to Mark Andrew, the right brain is the artist, and the left brain is the engineer.

"My right brain comes up with all kinds of designs and leaves it to the engineer to figure out how to make it. Every time the engineer makes something, the artist ups the ante, and the design becomes more complex." 

Mark makes his one-of-a-kind jewelry with a variety of gemstones, including...

October 8, 2018

Pssst! Hey! Need a watch? We've got a nice assortment to choose from...

 Many watches can be found in Gary James' case at the front of the store. Gary acquires many of his pieces from auction. He takes care of any needed repairs and changes out any broken or ugly stones.

Other watches can be found in Mary Navajo's display. Mary represents 11 Native American tribes, working with a w...

September 25, 2018

Be still and the earth will speak to you.

--Navajo Proverb

So many people who visit the Southwest are looking for that perfect piece of turquoise. Coming as it does in a wide variety of blues and greens, with varying patterns and striations, turquoise is highly sought after all over the world. Here at the Sedona Artist Market, we carry a wide variety of turquoise bracelets, pendan...

September 23, 2018

Gary James retired eight years ago and settled in the southwest. His interest in Native American jewelry inspired him to begin working with turquoise. During a trade show in Phoenix, he learned about the gemstone larimar. A variety of the mineral pectolite, which is found throughout the world, the sea-blue color of larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic.

Gary has two case...

May 11, 2018

From 1970 to 1990, Mary Navajo created jewelry, using gold, silver, and precious stones which she cut herself. While she enjoyed it at the time, she says she doesn't miss it, as it was a "lot of dirty work." She had to quit making jewelry after developing allergies to the compounds she was using. 

For the past 28 years, she has bought and sold jewelry, along with many other types...

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