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Holly Hughes' Abstract Photography

Holly Hughes is a Sedona photographer. Each decade has brought years of rich experiences and opportunities to share her love of photography. Hughes studied traditional film photography at TCC in Hurst, Texas, with professor Richard Doherty of Dallas. While at TCC, she was an award-winning published photo student. In 1999, she launched her professional career covering weddings, portraiture, events, and sports. Between 1999 and 2005, Hughes' fine art photo works included commissioned photo collage art. In 2012, she turned to digital photography and exhibited in California, Colorado, and Arizona through 2018. After opening a custom framing store in the Village of Oak Creek, she continued to exh

Sedona Artist Market Welcomes Sheron and John Foster

Sheron Foster is a mixed media artist, water colorist, and pen and ink designer. Having a background in the recovery, healing, and spiritual education arenas, she draws from a deep place within to create soothing yet empowering art pieces for the viewers' inner immersion with self-realization and inner guidance. Goddess Yoni Art is her signature series. It is always created by her basking in the energy of groups of women honoring, healing, loving, and empowering each other. Sheron lives and creates in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, with her husband ceramic artist John Foster. John has lived in Sedona since 1999. He and Sheron married in 2008. Learning the artisan trade of boat building in the la

Happy Trilobite Tuesday!

The American Museum of Natural History is all about #TrilobiteTuesday. We have a pretty decent collection of trilobites and other cool fossils here at the Sedona Artist Market, thanks to paleontologist Gael Summer, featured in a previous blog here. This fine fellow is from the Phacops genus of trilobites and lived during the Middle Devonian Age (380 million years ago). It hails from the Anti-Atlas Mountains area in Morocco. When it was alive, it looked something like this: Trilobites were early arthropods, a phylum of hard-shelled creatures with multiple body segments and jointed legs. They are the single most diverse class of extinct organisms. And this is a Plesiosaurus mauretanicus (Plesi

Blueberries in Space: Bethany Johnston

Bethany Johnston creates eye-catching and unique collages: all hand-cut 15"x15" giclee prints from the original. With titles like "It's Not But It Might" and "Blueberries in Space," Bethany's collages invite the viewer to imagine new worlds and possibilities. "Each piece contributes to a growing collection of collages inviting the viewer to step into the creative vision of a fellow traveler and explore." "There is a never-ending connectivity of images, ideas, and concepts found in our lives and experiences. Music stimulates a deeper openness to awareness of these connections and is always present in our interpretations." Stop by the Sedona Artist Market any day from 10-5 to see Bethany's col

Sew Succulent and The Clay Box

We recently shared John Post's ceramics and mentioned his wife, Ruth, who creates adorable fabric succulents (see blog here). Ruth has expanded her cactus empire and in addition to decorating John's booth, she has her own display at our front desk: An art teacher, Ruth created Sew Succulent with her friend Janet, who is the master seamstress in the partnership. Pin cushions, key chains, and magnets, as well as stand-alone decor are part of Sew Succulent's collection. Ruth also creates a children's art subscription box for clay art called The Clay Box, which you can order online but is also available at the Sedona Artist Market. Each box contains everything needed to create a clay sculpture:

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