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Happy Holidays!

We have cards, ornaments, and other holiday-themed pieces of art, as well as a huge variety of paintings, photography, jewelry, ceramics, and glass art! Ceramic ornaments by Celeste York, Booth 15A Gourd ornament by Stephen and Jodi Immes, Booth 55B Metal ornaments by Terry Favour, Booth 61A Flatware ornaments by Trish Koch, Booth 13 Holiday suncatchers by Enchanted Creations, Booth 64 Native American ornaments, Mary Navajo, Booth 50 Glass ornaments by Lorraine Fexas, Booth 66A Carved wooden Santas by Andy Johnson, Booth 32C Holiday cards by Kathryn Johnson , Booth 10D Ornaments and Santas, Tish Siemion, Booth 51 Woodcut by Dann Powers, left wall at entrance Glass art by Bob Buhmann, front w

Walking Crow: Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine

Walking Crow births his Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine by first creating sacred water to soak the hides. The water contains elements such as tobacco, cedar, White Mountain sage, and four pieces of the fruit/flowers from the property where the drums are made. The hides and ties are placed in the water at sundown to soften the hide. They are joined as one in a ceremony that includes prayer, drumming, singing of sacred songs, and offering tobacco. Gratitude and thanks are expressed to the animal for offering its self to be rebirthed in a new vibration. The next day at sunrise, the hide is removed from the sacred water, and sage is offered to honor and thank the spirit of the animal. The

Rose LeVeque: A Family of Potters

Rose LeVeque credits her grandfather with starting her on the road to creating pottery. With more than 30 years of experience, he made a pottery studio out of his garage so he could have students. Her mother joined in and is a full-time functional potter as well. Both Rose's grandfather and mother teach classes in Montana at Great Falls Pottery Company. Deciding that a cubical job was not for her, Rose quit in order to bring her family a happier lifestyle and started training in Montana for a year. Now she sells her handmade pottery from her studio in Mesa, Arizona, and, as of December, at the Sedona Artist Market! Rose's pieces are dishwasher-, microwave-, oven-safe and lead-free. When you

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Sedona Artist Market

2081 W. Hwy 89A, Suite 11, Sedona, AZ 86336


Open 10-4 pm, Tuesday thru Sunday