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The Most Creative of Holidays

Thanksgiving. It's right around the corner, evoking memories, anticipation and a host of cliches about shared experiences with family and friends. For many it even inspires actual expressions of gratitude for days past and the days to come. We may consolidate our gains in the company of those we love and hope for an even brighter future. Here at Sedona Artists Market our talented artists honor traditional themes of the holiday season in striking and beautiful ways. For instance... Family Artist Chuck Hensley Artist Charlie Anderson Harmony Artist Bear Schutz Artist Jesse Russo Celebration Artist Bear Schutz Gratitude Artist Marlene Besso Peace Artist Dann Powers Visiting Sedona Photographer

New Artist Marie Desroches

Marie Desroches has always been mesmerized by the beauty and vastness of nature. She loves hiking and camping and has spent lots of time in nature--time that is reflected in her paintings. All of Marie's paintings displayed at the Sedona Artist Market are special places she has visited and experienced great joy. Marie says that "painting these magical places is a way to remain immersed in the remembrances of the magical feelings I always find when I am in nature." Marie also works with crystals and wrote a book to reflect her joy of working with crystals. Stop by to see Marie's paintings and pick up a copy of her book in Booth 11A.

Kevin Wemlinger

A native of Indiana, Kevin Wemlinger became enamored of Arizona after a trip to Tucson in 1999. After years of hiking and taking photographs to memorialize trails he'd been on, Kevin came across a magazine photo that inspired him to refine his own photography. After many workshops, early mornings and long nights, and trial and error--as well as countless sunburns, exhaustion, and thorns, Kevin has truly achieved professional status as a nature photographer. Stop by to see Kevin's photography any day of the week. We are here 10-5 every day!

Happy Bread, Baklava and Hiking Day!

No doubt you already knew what a special day Sunday, November 17th is bound to be. On no other day of the year can you hit the amazing trifecta of National Homemade Bread Day, Baklava Day and National Hiking Day. So here's how this works in Sedona. Artist Steve Simon at Sedona Artist Market First, pick up a fine loaf of fresh homemade bread at Sedona Memories. You may need it on your hike. Next, choose from any one of 130 or more hiking trails, some within Sedona's city limits, all in the Red Rock District of the Coconino National Forest. No matter which one(s) you pick, gorgeous red rock scenery will fill your gaze to capacity as you walk. You can journey far or keep it short. Either way yo

New Art from Dann Powers

Once again, we are featuring new art from Dann Powers! In previous posts, we've showcased Dann's red rock art, his Hopi portraits, and his ravens and Ganesh paintings. Today we're sharing Dann's most recent pieces: His carved wood plaques. Stop by any day of the week from 10-5 to see all of Dann's work. You can't miss his display; it's on your left as you walk in the store.

Rock Art by Janyse Florek

Janyse Florek describes herself as an artist through desire, schooled by hands-on life experience. She found joy in crafting a ring out of a peach pit while a Girl Scout, constructing a tank out of a large cardboard box, art projects at school, and gardening with her parents. All of these events fed an innate desire to create, design, and build things from materials or items that were just lying around. Janyse was introduced to rock art by her sister-in-law, Devorah Curtis, who Janyse calls the "true artist in the family." Curtis made rock art a family endeavor, employing five family members at one point. Eventually, only Janyse remained. Janyse retired from rock art last year. She had a lar

Lys Saint Aubin: Watercolors Inspired by Nature

Lys Saint Aubin has been a painter ever since she can remember. In the small town of Coronel Bogado, Paraguay, where Lys grew up, her mother's art was prominent. Lys says she is a "mere shadow of the giant" her mother represented. Describing herself as introverted by nature, Lys says that painting brings out a part of her that connects with people's souls. She's been told that her art has healing qualities. She learned at a young age the value of the lesson that art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. After working as a real estate agent for many years, a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer alerted Lys to the message: "Do what you love." Stop by the Sedona Artist Market any day, 10-5

Work by Bear

Bear is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist. He says his art is a vehicle with which to travel through memories, dreams, and manifestations, to our deeper connections with the natural world. His creative processes are organic and he enjoys the journey of making art as much as the destination of a finished piece. Bear is currently painting with oil on canvas as well as sculpting with ceramics, wood, and local stone. He also builds and plays music on handmade instruments from repurposed and up-cycled materials. Come to the Sedona Artist Market to enjoy Bear's work. We are open 10-5, seven days a week.

Paintings by Laura Sue

Laura Sue has made her living sharing her creations for the past couple of decades. Her work has been on several television shows such as Modern Family as well as in calendars, on book covers, and distributed in big box retail outlets. Born in Tucson, Laura has lived in many places, including St. Augustine, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, and Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast. She now calls Sedona home and believes it is as close to heaven as one can get. Come see Laura's art at Sedona Artist Market. We're open seven days a week from 10 to 5.

Bob Cook: New Artist at SAM

Bob Cook is a full-time artist working in a variety of media: oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylics (if he's in a hurry), and photography. He paints a range of subjects and sizes as well as different textures like heavy impasto to highly blended treatments. "I enjoy the nerdy side of photography," Bob says, pointing to his night shots and infrared conversion, "but I do keep to the concept that photographs need to look like photographs as opposed to digital art where Photoshop runs wild." Bob cites working in a community of artists in the Texas hill country as more beneficial experience than some of his college art training. Stop by the Sedona Artist Market to see Bob's work in Booth 66B. We ar

John Post: Inspired by Sedona

After 21 years as elementary art teacher in Michigan, John Post traded the classroom for a Sedona studio. John's wife Ruth makes the adorable felted succulents that we loved so much we moved them from the booth to our front desk...where one was purchased almost immediately! John finds that the beauty of Sedona's colors resonates with his artistic sensibilities. They speak to him as he strives to create quiet, subtle pieces informed by the nature surrounding him. His main focus is on functional pottery that is designed to be used in the kitchen and on the table. All of his pieces are food-safe and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. John fires his work to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit (con

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