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Alex Stern: Litebox Design

If you haven't been to the Sedona Artist Market in the last 2 months, you haven't seen one of our most exciting artists: Alex Stern! With a background in retail, Alex cites working at gift shops as inspirational, particularly her time at Things Remembered, where she got the idea that engraving might be a useful skill. She has turned that skill into an amazing business: Litebox Design, which is part of an artists collective with two other Flagstaff business owners. An Arizona native (she has lived in Flagstaff for over 20 years), Alex has been creating her unique art for 2 years. To create her laser-cut pieces, she prefers to work mainly with wood since, as she says, it smells like a campfire

Brenda Zyburt's Elephants

The Sedona Artist Market is happy to welcome back Brenda Zyburt. Brenda's paintings display the intense energy available to souls and considers her work to be a meditative journeying tool to access one's own portal to higher dimensions and to connect with spirit guides. Her new space showcases her elephant series. Stop by the Sedona Artist Market any day from 10-5. Blue: Spirit voice, power, strength White Gold: inspiration; "I know the expression of our spirit" Red: vitality, strength, wisdom, patience Green: Nature's heart, eternal love Purple: Spirit mind; "I am the light I seek"

Ellen Benfatti

Ellen Benfatti has been painting for over a decade. She is passionate about combining color and movement to initiate vibrational frequencies. These frequencies move beyond the painting into the surrounding environment to bring a feeling of wellness. Ellie believes art in public places inspires everyone to connect to their own creativity. Her passion is exposing the public to the high frequencies of the paintings thus encouraging a greater connection to their own unlimited potential. Ellie received her education in art therapy at UCSD, where she's certified in Art and the Creative Process. Stop by the Sedona Artist Market to visit Ellie's booth. We're here every day, 10-5.

Sheryl Rogers and SoulScapes

Sheryl Rogers has been an artist for over 14 years. She first started doing artwork through her own personal journey of healing. Over time she has developed her intuition and healing abilities through her artwork. It is through her spiritual and energetic connection to the etheric realm that she is able to channel the images and frequencies of the soul and express these images into pieces of art on a canvas or in drawings. Sheryl uses a multitude of color in acrylic paints, pastels, and penciled crayons to express the images and frequencies that come through her. These images and colors, then, assist the viewer to become balanced and to release old patterns of behavior, beliefs, and thought-

Do What You Love with Only Love in Mind

As a child, Elizabeth Silk was raised by her grandparents in Merseyside, England (Liverpool). Her parents were an English mother and a Native American Sioux father. In her adult life, Elizabeth has followed her Native American ancestral beliefs. She portrays American Indians as passionate, proud, and strong. Romancing a freedom of their soul that lives through us all, Elizabeth awakens an undaunted Spirit and allows it to emerge. Elizabeth has studied at the Laird School of Art, Wallasey Art College, and Liverpool Polytechnic. She has shown her art in and around the United States and Europe, including the prestigious Liverpool Art Gallery. Since the mid-1990s, Elizabeth has lived in Sedona.

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