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Dragonfly Gypsies

Dragonflies have always held a special meaning for artist Shari Courtney, who creates luminous works of art under the name Dragonfly Gypsies. Shari first began selling her pieces to Disneyland and local stores. After experiencing a recurring dream of dragonflies with glass wings and Swarovski crystals, Shari became inspired to make the vision a reality. Her magical dragonflies were embraced by friends, family, and businesses across the country. Shari says that one of her greatest honors as an artist was an endorsement by Swarovski, who contacted her personally to see if they could take a dragonfly sun-catcher and display it in their booth at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Working with dau

Barrel Werks

Jeff Caylor is the artist behind Barrel Werks, and we are proud and excited to showcase his amazing pieces. Barrel Werks specializes in a wide variety of items: furniture including tables, benches, chairs; racks; candle holders; crosses; frames; and trays. Barrel Werks recycles retired barrels from California's wine country. According to their website, the "staves, tops and bottoms of the barrels are used in the various designs. The barrels are different ages, were made of various types of solid oak, held different types of wines, and come in different shapes." Each piece has been expertly detailed and assembled with distinct characteristics that give it its own unique personality. Barrel We

New Art Supplies!

The Sedona Artist Market is proud to be your one-stop shop for not only amazing art of all kinds but art supplies as well. We started selling art supplies last spring, and business has been booming. In an effort to please as many of our customers as possible, we regularly add new items to our inventory and are happy to take your suggestions and ideas for other products. In addition to our well-stocked supply of Connoisseur brushes; Pentalic journals; Red Label canvases; and Graham acrylic, oil, watercolor, and gouache paints, we also carry alcohol inks, coloring books, Conte crayons, tracing paper, and watercolor paper tape. Whether you're an experienced painter or novice doodler, we have so

Love is in the air!

Valentines Day is almost here! We have numerous artists that have prepared for the occasion with heart cards, paintings and ceramics. Shaeri Richards Zen Paintings can be found in booth #1 and Mars Sedona "The Heart Lady" can be found in booth #2. Also in booth #2 you can find some ceramic Healing Hearts by Jenny Emminger. Spirit Heart Art by Linda G has heart paintings and cards available in booth #5. Ceramic Hearts above by Cyndie Koopsen Now don't forget we also have plenty of jewelry... Hearts and more!

Alberto Nino: Roman Empire Mosaics

Alberto Nino brings an impressive display to the Sedona Artist Market. His wall of Roman Empire Mosaic art shows off Alberto's skill with using leftover materials from his job as a tile installer here in Sedona. Alberto began making mosaic images about 2 years ago. He considers himself a Roman Empire enthusiast and enjoys learning about the culture. According to curator Alexis Belis, author of Roman Mosaics in the J. Paul Getty Museum, Roman mosaics feature action scenes, violent hunts, and exotic creatures. Although the Greeks originated the art of figural mosaics using pebbles in mortar. the Romans took the art form to the next level by using tesserae (cubes of stone, ceramic, or glass) to

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Sedona Artist Market

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