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Passionate about Pastels

If you love color, you have probably found yourself admiring pastel paintings and drawings, with their luminous color and velvety rich texture. Pastel powder is so intense because it is pure pigment--the same pigment used in all art mediums, including oil paints. Pastels come in several different forms, including hard pastels, soft pastels, pencils, and oil. (SAM artist Elly Sands) Soft pastels are the most widely used form of pastel. The sticks have a higher portion of pigment and less binder, resulting in brighter colors. Drawings can be blended easily but result in more dust and need to be protected, either by framing under glass or spraying with a fixative to prevent smudging. Oil pastel

Jeffrey Goebel Jewelry Designs

All Jeffrey's designs start with the gemstone or cab. They are the centerpiece of his jewelry. They inspire him to form the silver or gold around it, enhancing its beauty. His stones are of the highest quality, natural and non treated. His pieces must have a clean and functional style that can be worn with comfort. Starting his career at the age of 18, Jeffrey has been a jeweler for over 40 years. Creating Jewelry has been his lifetime passion. You can find Jeffrey's in booth #62

Collage Is Cool

Collage is from the French word coller, which means "to glue." Collage is a type of art production in which the artwork is made by putting together pieces of a variety of materials (such as paper, photos, other artwork, found objects, etc.) to create a new whole. Sometimes painters incorporate collage into their paintings. ("Search for an Olive Branch" by Stephanie Phelps) ("Mariposa" by Stephanie Phelps) Among famous collage artists are Kurt Schwitters, Romare Bearden, and Pablo Picasso. Schwitters is credited as being the first to do this type of work. Bearden's collages derived in part from African-American slave crafts such as patchwork quilts. Picasso's use of collage made it an importa


The category of ceramics is vast, encompassing materials like sculpture, artware, tableware, figurines, and tiles. (Sonia Luedke) Working with ceramics has an advantage over steel: it is harder and stiffer; more heat- and corrosion-resistant, and less dense. Ceramic materials are plentiful and inexpensive. (Charlie Anderson) Ceramics are considered fine art, as pottery or sculpture, and can be decorative, industrial, or applied art objects. Ceramics may also be considered artefacts in archaeology. (Cyndi Koopsen) Ceramics are made by shaping water, earthen powders, and clay into forms, which are then fired at high temperatures. (Donna Ross) The clay sculpting art form of ceramics dates back

Native American Art

(Gary James) According to Wikipedia, "visual arts by indigenous peoples of the Americas encompasses the visual artistic traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Americas from ancient times to the present. These include works from South America, Mesoamerica, North America, as well as Siberian Yup'ik peoples who have great cultural overlap with Native Alaskan Yup'iks." (Crystal StarWeaver) Sedona Artist Market has a great variety of Native American arts, represented by several different vendors. Shop for jewelry, clothing, carvings, leather bags, dream catchers, sand paintings, pottery, kachinas, baskets, fetishes, paintings, and prints. (Mary Navajo) (Tish's Treasures) (Susan Shatreau-Jan

Labradorite: Stone of Transformation

(Grounded Lifestyles, Booth 39) Labradorite is a feldspar mineral of the plagioclaseseries, usually found in mafic igneous rocks like basalt, norite, and anorthosite. Have we lost you yet? Most people know labradorite for its iridescent optical effect--so unique to the stone, it came to be called labradorescence. This phenomenon is not the result of actual colors in the stone but rather is created when light enters the stone, strikes a twinning surface and reflects that. Different twinning surfaces within the stone reflect different colors of light, giving the stone a multicolored appearance. (Dancing Moon, Booth 2C) The stone is usually a combination of gray, green-gray, and black, but the

Desert Fantasy

Brian and Suzanne Caldwell maintain an interesting collection of wares at Sedona Artist Market. Among their items are Brian's photography and music and Suzanne's jewelry and hats. There are also resale items that include paintings, beads, and pottery. Come in and see their work, along with the work of 100 other Arizona artists. We're open seven days a week, 10 to 5.

Ken Cadwallader

Ken Cadwallader is a new artist at Sedona Artist Market. He makes candle lanterns, chimes, trays, and fire rocks (which burn lamp oil). Come see his work, any day of the week, between 10 and 5.

New Art by Myra

Myra began her painting career with water color and gravitated to oil. She is currently working with acrylic and mixed media. Myra has new work displayed at the Sedona Artist Market. She personally hand embellishes each print. Come see Myra's latest pieces at Sedona Artist Market, open seven days a week from 10 to 5.

Art by Ayande

Ayande's work at the Sedona Artist Market is an eclectic collection including painted plates and glassware; jewelry; decorative frames; small sculptures; framed paintings, prints, and collages. Some of his work is fun and funky, some is beautiful, and all of it is interesting. Come by and check out the magic; we're open seven days a week from 10 to 5.

Rae Ebeling: All Is Connected

Rae Ebeling creates organic hanging sculptures she calls "spirit objects." Apart from their visual appeal, Rae's pieces hold space for the viewer to add his or her unique personal energy. Made from stone, wood, and other natural materials, Rae's art includes these synchronicities: the materials (the flotsam of the universe) the artist (Rae) the viewer (you) According to Rae, "the possessor of the spirit object becomes the next link in the synchronicities." All is connected.

A Family of Artists

Owl Feather Studio is made up of a family of three artists, all living, loving, and creating in uniquely beautiful, inspirational Sedona. The artists are an eclectic bunch whose work includes sacred ceremonial objects using leather and feathers, photography, acrylics and watercolors, prints, one-of-a-kind carved walking sticks, genuine stone and bead jewelry, and more. Among the many items available is the Sedona Deck and Oracle Cards, the only deck created in Sedona about Sedona. This unique deck of 33 cards and booklet features Sedona red rock formations along with animals and plants of the desert. It was created by the family matriarch, Kathie Gabriel. Also popular item is the walking st

Linda Wayne--Bracelets Too!

You may remember our recent blog post about Linda Wayne and her Smitten Mittens: We are also happy to showcase Linda's beautiful handmade leather and metal bracelets:

Steve Simon's Great Peacemakers

Steve Simon's collection of great peacemakers will be exhibited at Sedona City Hall from January 4 through May 2, 2019. This collection of oil paintings features historic luminaries and explores the influences each had on "bending the arc of the moral universe towards justice." The exhibit features the complete collection of 40 oil paintings with informational plaques. The paintings are presented in chronology of historical significance. On January 17, 4:00-6:00 pm, there will be a reception for the artist at Sedona City Hall Council Chambers and Vultee Conference Room, with music by Grammy nominee Michael Kollwitz. On February 20, 7:00-8:30 pm, Steve will do a multi-media presentation at

Happy 2019!

The Sedona Artist Market wishes you all a very Happy New Year! (Max Knauss) We look forward to another year of bringing you beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade art. It is a great privilege to be your one-stop source for local art and art supplies! For some of us, the promise of a new year brings the burden of expectations, promises, and (unrealistic) goals. (Steve Simon) (Urban Gypsies) (Brian Myers) We recommend keeping things simple. (Brenda Clark) (Julia DeGraf) Focus on kindness, love, and gratitude . . . (Cindy Koopsen) (Marlene Besso) (June Hart) (Elly Sands) Peace, beauty, friendship . . . (Josh Esquivel) (Jenny Emminger) (Myra Shutt) (Owl Studio) And don't forget... (Max Knauss) Happy

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