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Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography refers to the process in which the camera is manipulated to make a life-sized subject look like a miniature-scale model. Cameras and special lenses can be used to shift the most focused part of an image to create unique and interesting effects. When you tilt the lens, you point it at a slightly different angle from the typical straight approach, and when you shift the lens, you’re moving it up or down to achieve the desired effect. At one time, all cameras were tilt-shift cameras until compact cameras became popular, at which point, the tilt/shift mechanism was too expensive to add to the existing lens. These days, you need a special lens to do tilt-shift photography.

David Cabillot's Talking Sticks

The Native American talking stick is a symbol of respect, used during tribal council meetings to keep order and demonstrate courtesy. Only the person holding the stick may talk; everyone else must wait their turn until the stick is passed to them. Crafted by hand and typically made of natural materials such as leather, antler, and wood, and decorated with feathers, crystals, and gemstones, talking sticks are fun to collect and make great gifts. If you're looking for rustic Southwest decor ideas, you will love these unique pieces. The Sedona Artist Market is happy to feature artist David Cabillot, who creates unique talking sticks that are hand-beaded with a variety of materials. Stop by Davi

Malachite: The Stone of Transformation

Cuff bracelet from Mary Navajo's booth Malachite is a deep-green opaque gemstone that has been used in jewelry and ornamental pieces for thousands of years. Its distinctive parallel bands and rings make it easy to identify. This mineral rock usually comes from copper mines after all the copper has been removed. The copper is responsible for the beautiful green color of malachite. The color does not fade over time or when exposed to light, which makes it a good material to use as a coloring agent. Ancient Egyptians ground it up to use as green pigment and eye shadow. Malachite was believed to improve vision and provide deeper insight. The mesmerizing color of malachite color is said to impart

Spirit Heart Art: Sacred Stone Talisman

Artist David Davis moved to Sedona in 1994, where he became a tour guide and apprenticed for ten years with Gary Nielson, a phenomenal stone carver. David describes his pieces as intentional jewelry, designed to bring out the gifts and the highest good of the wearer. Praying and chanting as he works, David tunes the frequency of the stone. Ammonite (Madagascar). These 300-million-year-old fossils are infused with calcite and other minerals, giving the argonite or mother of pearl its amazing opalescent fire. The Sacred Spiral is repeated throughout nature from molecules to DNA to galaxies. ammonite with opal and pearl inlay; necklace and earrings: citrine, quartz, and water buffalo beads (lef

The Mad Potter's Mud Babies

( George Ohr, born in 1857 in Biloxi, Mississippi, learned his father's trade of blacksmith, but he hated it. He tried over a dozen other positions before a friend gave him a job as a potter. George fell in love with the potter's wheel and developed a unique style that set him far apart from his contemporaries. George experimented with shapes as well as glazes. Some of his pieces had ruffles, some had fluted edges, others had borders made of his thumbprints. Many of his vessels were extremely thin. However, his work was only appreciated by a select few. Only George himself seemed to recognize

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . .

What are some of your favorite signs of the holiday season? The Sedona Artist Market is decked out with all the traditional adornments of Christmas: Christmas trees... Wreaths and bows... And Santa Claus, of course. Many of our 100+ artists are also celebrating the spirit of the season with festive booth decorations and holiday items: (Owl Feather Studio) (Lynn Simmons) (Urban Gypsies) (Christine Burks) (Trish Koch) (Mary Nordstrum) (Myra Shutt) (Mark Vranesh) (Furnishings Unlimited) (Lorraine Fexas) (Mary Navajo) (Tish's Treasures) It's beginning to look a lot like shopping season! We hope you'll stop by and visit us, 10-5 every day. We will be open Christmas Eve (and closed Christmas Day).

New Work by Dann Powers

(What Midnight Wings Bring, by Dann Powers) Coinciding with the Hopi Holiday Project are Dann Powers' incredibly powerful Hopi portraits. Dann continues to amaze all of us who work at the Sedona Artist Market with his talent, passion, and endless creativity. His latest works are acrylic on cork. Despite the fact that he said he would never paint on cork again, he has, at least three more times. (Squash Blossom Tewa Girl, by Dann Powers) (Way of the Nester, by Dann Powers) According to the Hopi Tribe Official Website, the Hopi Tribe is a sovereign nation located in northeastern Arizona. The reservation occupies part of Coconino and Navajo counties, encompasses more than 1.5 million acres, and

Purrfectly Glassy Creations

The Sedona Artist Market is proud to showcase Dr. Jan Jones and her impressive glass art decor. A recently retired educator/consultant, Jan now enjoys taking time to create pieces that incorporate her love of hiking, kayaking, RVing, motorcycling, and gardening. Nature and animals also provide inspiration for Jan's unique glass art pieces. She is a member of the Arizona Traditions Glass Arts Club, What's Happening in the Arts (WHAM), and the Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA), and she participates in and contributes to various art and gallery shows. Purrfectly Glassy Creations is an innovative and creative glass arts studio, As Jan's website states: "Your unique ideas for stained, m

Julie March: Re-CreARTed

Julie March has dabbled creatively with many different forms over the years, from pottery and writing to gardening and interior design, sewing, painting, and many gray areas in between... She is also a "treasure hunter" and loves to find used items and integrate them into creative projects. That is how ReCre-ARTed began to evolve. "When out and about at thrift stores, yard sales, etc., I gather bits and pieces that I sense may grow into something, never knowing what that may be." Most of the materials Julie uses are secondhand--including paint, glue, nails, and most of the tools. "I find joy in the alchemy of using some of the excess stuff that we all seem to have through creating unique con

Leila Kirkley: Still Life Painter

Art is Leila Kirkley's third career. After working for 11 years in mental health and 25 years as a psychotherapist, she had high standards for her next career as a still life painter. Leila's philosophy is that "painting an object that is inherently beautiful will only succeed in making it look banal." "I'm not at all attracted to elaborate antiques or exotic settings," Leila says. "To me, high art is imbuing simple objects with uncommon beauty and life through arrangement, edges, composition, and color." According to Leila, still life should be anything but "still." "My point of view is often straight on at eye level, which is typical of my approach to life." Leila doesn't begin with detai

Brenda Clark: A New Artist at SAM

With a background in painting, Brenda creates her own one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces: As well as beautiful hand-painted coasters and cards. Brenda also carries a scrumptious line of sprays and scrubs, like Night Queen and Orange Lace Mist, which is made of organic sweet almond oil, bergamot, orange, neroli, and cinnamon. All are made with Reiki and crystal charge. And if you're into yoga, Brenda has you covered with this sweet "all-in-one" yoga kit! Stop by to visit Brenda and our other 100 local artists. We are open every day 10-5, except for major holidays. And don't forget our First Friday event TOMORROW! From 5-8, we will be featuring the harp music of Barbi Edwards, as well as snacks, dr

Take Time to Smell the Roses . . .

. . . and the sage, goji berry, and vanilla. Here at the Sedona Artist Market, we have everything you need to make yourself and your space smell good and feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and renewed. (Lotion and spray from Brenda Clark) (Bath bombs, candles, sprays, and salt candle holder from Urban Gypsies) (Sage and incense from Owl Feather Studio) (Sprays and lotions from Gina Covel) (Sprays, pot pourri, and soaps from Heather Hakola) (Southwest candle from Furnishings Unlimited) (Sage, soaps, copal resin, and sprays from CrystalStarWeaver) (Palo Santo wood from Grounded Lifestyles) (Lemon sugar scrub from Sharon Hall) And we have plenty of candle and incense holders for you to choose from: (

Ornaments and Cards

(Tish's Treasures) You already know you can find a tremendous number of gifts of all sizes, mediums, and price points at Sedona Artist Market. You can also find a variety of Christmas cards and ornaments. (Urban Gypsies) (Christy Garavetto and Jody Miller (Claudia Cooke) (Urban Gypsies) (Crystal Starweaver)

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