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Tom Gleason

Tom Gleason lived in New York most of his life. At a young age he became a union carpenter and from there went into business for himself. He has always enjoyed creating things with his hands. Kitchen and bathroom installation soon became his specialty. As his company grew he incorporated and with some clients in hand he began building ski homes in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York. This is where he found his love for nature and wildlife -- hiking, camping, and skiing every chance he got. Tom discovered paracord in the 1990s and was very impressed with its strength, light weight, and many uses. It is a very versatile cordage originally developed and used by the military for parachu

Jewelry by Adrienne Pritchard

(Dragonfly Daydreams cabochon with bead surround in shades of moss green and gold with crysolite opal attached with brass vined heart link to a gold-plated chain with matching beads, gold toggle clasp) Adrienne Pritchard learned knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, sewing, and embroidery from her grandmother. Later in life she explored pottery, copper enameling, and weaving. She took a few beading classes after moving to Arizona in 2001 and has since studied techniques such as wire wrap and weave, pearl crochet, complex beading styles and stitches, silversmith and precious metal clay. Adrienne's beautiful, detailed work includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, all of which make great gifts

Thomas Norton Paintings at Sedona Artist Market

Thomas Norton's paintings combine simple subject matter and intense raw drama. He says they are “purposely timeless” with the focus on contemplating each impression of sky and earth. He has shown his art in the following places: Strawtown, Indiana Art and Stock Auction Oceanside, California Days of Art Festival Festival of Arts Laguna Beach, California Art in the Park Newport Beach, California Carefree, Arizona Art and Wine Festival Las Vegas, New Mexico Art Exposition. Check out Tom's work at Sedona Artist Market every day from 10 to 5.

Earl Chun: Landscape Painter

Earl Chun says he has always been an artist, as far back as he can remember. He and his family moved from Hawaii to Arizona in 2016. That same year his high school art teacher passed. Those events rekindled a sleeping ember that he believes has always resided in him. He started sketching, doing pen and inks, watercolors, pastels, clay sculptures, basically whatever he could get his hands on to make art with. He began painting with acrylics in 2016 and he transitioned to oil painting in March of 2018. Earl's influences include the following former teachers/artists: his father, Earl Chun; his high school art teacher, Bob Watson; his college professors/instructors, Dan Morris and Scott Lloyd; B

It Feels Good to Feel Good

Cheryl Meyer became a health muse after becoming very sick. Now on the road to wellness, she believes her own journey will help others navigate their journey to health. Cheryl works with a functional MD who is getting to the root cause of her ailments. Their relationship is a partnership. Cheryl wants to help people make simple lifestyle changes to dramatically improve the quality of their lives. Cheryl has read "like a fiend." She has gone back to school to become a Certified Health Coach through IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has researched triggers of inflammation and autoimmune disease and written a book that is published on Amazon. That book, titled It Feels Good to

Flower Child

Flower child Stephanie Phelps is a self-taught collage artist who has found a unique style based on playfulness with mixed media like gold leaf, iridescent paint, and magazine clippings. Come see her work at the Sedona Artist Market seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mark Andrew: Right Brain/Left Brain

According to Mark Andrew, the right brain is the artist, and the left brain is the engineer. "My right brain comes up with all kinds of designs and leaves it to the engineer to figure out how to make it. Every time the engineer makes something, the artist ups the ante, and the design becomes more complex." Mark makes his one-of-a-kind jewelry with a variety of gemstones, including larimar, white buffalo, labradorite, shattuckite, and chrysocolla. But it's most likely the turquoise you'll notice, sourced from mines including Kingman, Royston, Bisbee, Castle, Dome, Number 8, and Sleeping Beauty. Mark also features pieces with turquoise from a mine in Queensland Territory, Australia, that has

Need a Watch?

Pssst! Hey! Need a watch? We've got a nice assortment to choose from... Many watches can be found in Gary James' case at the front of the store. Gary acquires many of his pieces from auction. He takes care of any needed repairs and changes out any broken or ugly stones. Other watches can be found in Mary Navajo's display. Mary represents 11 Native American tribes, working with a wide variety of skilled artisans. Watches, developed in the 1500s, were originally carried in the pocket, attached to one's clothing, or worn as pendants. They have evolved from being a useful tool to beautiful jewelry and/or a fashion statement. Come check out our watches, other jewelry, paintings, photographs, cera

World Animal Day

(Elly Sands) World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually on October 4, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. (Wikipedia) (Elly Sands) (Elly Sands) World Animal Day was originated by Heinrich Zimmermann. He organized the first World Animal Day on 24 March 1925 at the Sport Palace in Berlin, Germany. Over 5,000 people attended this first event. (Wikipedia) (June Payne Hart) (June Payne Hart) (June Payne Hart) (Greg Griffin) The mission of World Animal Day, is "To raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Building the celebration of World Animal Day unites the animal wel

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