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TreeHorse Creations: Essence of Equi-Nimity

Liz Rocha--or, Beba Rocha, as she goes by in her photography business--has been drawn to horses all her life. It is a magnetic attraction that has allowed her to capture the feel of her subject and the moment. An avid horse rider for many years, Liz came to feel that the activity wasn't in the best interest of the horse. She decided to "free her horses from the ride and discover what was beyond." Liz describes the transition as magical. "There are no words to describe a liberty relationship with horses when they're allowed to be who they are." Capturing the special moments of these horses (and other subjects) through photo art has been a gift to Liz and to all who acquire an Essence of Equi-

Arizona's Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Be still and the earth will speak to you. --Navajo Proverb So many people who visit the Southwest are looking for that perfect piece of turquoise. Coming as it does in a wide variety of blues and greens, with varying patterns and striations, turquoise is highly sought after all over the world. Here at the Sedona Artist Market, we carry a wide variety of turquoise bracelets, pendants, watches, earrings, cuff links, belt buckles and rings. Zuni "Sunface" pin with mother-of-pearl, onyx, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise Most quality turquoise today can be found in Arizona, but there are mines in New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and California, many of which have run dry. Surprisingly, turquoise is act

Eklektos: A One-Stop Shop for the Perfect Gift

Eklektos is Greek for chosen. Julie and Celeste both have a passion for collecting fabulous finds and delectable decor. They readorn, refinish, and refine. And they believe that beauty does not lie in perfection. Their space at Sedona Artist Market contains great variety, including coat racks, hats, frames, lamps, mirrors, old clocks, cards, jewelry, fabulous fun vintage signs, baskets, pillows, and more. Celeste has worked as an interior designer for 16 years. She had her own firm for 12 years, in a 12,000 square foot space which was also served as a furniture shop and art gallery. She is a painter as well. While Julie has worked with numerous mediums in the past, her current philosophy re

Gary James: Beautiful, Unique Jewelry

Gary James retired eight years ago and settled in the southwest. His interest in Native American jewelry inspired him to begin working with turquoise. During a trade show in Phoenix, he learned about the gemstone larimar. A variety of the mineral pectolite, which is found throughout the world, the sea-blue color of larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic. Gary has two cases full of exquisite jewelry at the Sedona Artist Market. One case is what is called "old pawn," which is a phrase describing highly collectible American Indian jewelry that was pawned in the past and never redeemed. Gary has a nice collection of items, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and more. His se

Words (and Images) to the Wise

I Am (Myra Shutt) An Angel's Whisper (SJ Shaffer) Build Bridges, Not Walls (James Naughton) Embrace (Shaeri Richards) Dance (Helen McLuckie) Be Moderate and Just (Tina Reichow) Return to Source (Karen Michaels)

Victoria Page: Beauty Out of Chaos

Victoria Page began oil painting at age 10 at her family home in Maine. With a self-proclaimed goal of "making the world a better place," Page established Satori Design Studios in northern Arizona in 1999. Inspired by her passion for flowers and the Asian arts, Page has developed skills in silk painting and textile design. Her functional jewelry features handmade Japanese papers and hand-dyed glass. The Sedona Artist Market is proud to display Victoria's jewelry, cards, pottery, and other designs!

Wait til You Get Your Hands on These

Gael Summer, who prepares fossils for museums and institutions, has had a space at the Sedona Artist Market for several years. It's a single, simple glass case, yet it contains a great variety of treasures. Whether you're looking for fossils, gemstones, carvings, puzzle boxes, or jewelry, you can find it here.

It's National Responsible Dog Ownership Day!

Happy National Responsible Dog Ownership Day! The American Kennel Club has celebrated the day and the idea behind it since September 17, 2003, which was its 119th anniversary. It is now celebrated on the third Saturday of September each year. On this day dog owners are reminded to always be the most respectful, caring, and responsible companion to their canine they can be. (Donna Ross) (Cyndie Koopsen) (Kathie O'Connell) (Brenda Zyburt)

Take Home a Piece of Arizona

Whether you live in Arizona or are just visiting, Sedona Artist Market has a variety of pieces that will brighten your home. Photos of aspen trees, pomegranate jelly, paintings of the red rocks, carved gourds, ceramic bowls, Native American crafts, and amazing glass work are just a few of the items that mirror the beauty of the Grand Canyon State. (Greg Griffin) (Crystal Starrweaver) (Steve Simon) (Nadine Booth) (Linda Callahan) (Mary Navajo) (June Payne Hart) (Sonia Luedke) (Mary Navajo)

First Friday Fun!

Our September First Friday was full of fun! Good Friends . . . Good Food . . . Good Fun . . . Great Music by Molly Shuvani Great Artists . . . We hope to see you at our next First Friday event in October . . . and every day in between! We are here Monday thru Friday, 10-5. Stop by for fun, friends, and great art every day!

National Read A Book Day

National Read A Book Day is observed annually on September 6th. On August 9th, we celebrated National Book Lovers Day. While these bookish days may seem similar, National Read a Book Day invites us all to grab a book we might enjoy and spend the day reading. Don’t keep it to yourself. Share the experience! Read aloud either to children or to grandparents. Read to your pets or to your stuffed animals and plants. Reading improves memory and concentration as well as reduces stress. Older adults who spend time reading show a slower cognitive decline and tend to participate in more mentally stimulating activities over their lifetime. Books are an inexpensive entertainment, education, and

Happy National Wildlife Day

(Bear) National Wildlife Day (Feb. 22nd & September 4th) founded in 2005 by animal behaviorist and philanthropist Colleen Paige, serves to bring awareness of endangered animals nationally as well as globally, that need to be preserved and rescued from their demise each year, but also to acknowledge zoos and outstanding animal sanctuaries globally for everything they do to help preserve this planet's animals and educate the public about conservation - especially to children....our animal's future caretakers and conservationists. (Jamie Boyle) (Elly Sands) (Jorge Enrique Ramirez Flores) (June Payne Hart)

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