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One of the most wonderful things...

One great thing about art, is how subjective it is! Something that can be appealing to one individual, may not be to another. We are all drawn toward different colors, landscapes, textures, mediums, etc., as well as specific emotions that are stirred within us (through the interaction with the art)! And it's an entirely individual experience, too, which is pretty cool when you think about it. We can actually choose art that helps us feel a certain way--whether inspired, hopeful, happy, spiritual, energized, etc.--there's an art piece here that can help bring about that experience within each of us, and part of the fun is finding it! We're here when you're ready for 'the hunt'. ;)

Char Terry's Unique Pottery

Char Terry studied art at the University of Wisconsin with a focus on clay. She moved to Washington where she had a studio, showed in many galleries, and taught clay techniques. Now living in Cottonwood, Arizona, Char is enjoying the sun and spending much of her time focusing on pottery, which she believes in an extension of her soul. Her current body of work has been greatly influenced by the art of the Southwest, both past and present. Each piece demands 16 to 25 hours of work. Techniques used are handbuilt, wheel-thrown, and altered, and she combines these techniques with most of her pieces. Once the form is complete, she applies terra-sigillata. Carving into the terra-sigillata is what

A Gentle Reminder...

Take the time to take in the art and beauty around you (particularly if you're in the area of Sedona, which offers internationally known and renowned views)! Have a great weekend!

Necklaces, bracelets, and rings, oh my!

Jewelry is always appealing. The sight of a large selection can turn many of us into what might resemble a raccoon--attracted and pawing through all of the pretty, shiny, objects! Whatever your inclination...whether it's authentic Native American, glass, silver, etc., we've got the goods. If you adore crystals and minerals, and love to have them close to your body (where they like to be to work their magick!), we also have a wide selection of this type of jewelry! Jewelry can have all sorts of positive effects in our lives, ranging from a basic 'pick-me-up', to all sorts of profound healing effects. There are many testimonials out there of those that have found that perfect piece that hel

Spring is Here!

With the Equinox on March 20th we are officially in Spring season. Although we do not have fields of flowers around Sedona you may notice the wonderful job the City of Sedona does to ensure your slow drive through Sedona is filled with many plants adorning the sides of the road. It's also a great reason to pull into our parking lot and take a break from traffic to look at some beautiful ART. Sedona Artist Market is nestled between the West Sedona Post Office and Harkins Movie Theater stop by and peruse our 100 plus artists.

Warm the Cockles of your Heart...with Art!

It's a bit of a chilly day here in Sedona, with dark clouds threatening snow. It's a great day to focus on all that keeps us warm--from the sun, to that sunny smile from a loved one. Bright colors, flowers, hot drinks, soft blankets, and connection with others. All these and more add up to help keep the light in our lives bright. Art is a part of all of this, of course! Having that perfect art piece that inspires you every time you look at it, or that special scarf, shirt or necklace that helps you feel better the moment you put it on can make all the difference some days! So if you're nearby and the mood strikes you--c'mon in and enjoy the beautiful items that we have here (over 8,000 s

Ruth Cornell and the Archaeology Event!

Ruth Cornell, one of our wonderful artists here at the Sedona Artist Market, is a volunteer for a yearly archaeology event, which is held at the Forest Service Archaeological site known as V-V Petroglyphs. (V-V was once a homestead ranch that was built upon this prehistoric site.) This site is now open to visitors for viewing ancient petroglyphs of the Sinaguan Culture. Ruth's part in this fun activity weekend is to paint "atlatl" targets, which feature a prehistoric large animal as a target for the people to use as they experience this ancient hunting weapon. Atlatl is an ancient hunting tool which predates the bow and arrow, and it's similar to a spear. Friends of hers locate huge piece

Welcome New Artist Penny Gupton

The Sedona Artist Market is pleased to welcome new artist, painter Penny Gupton. Penny Gupton was born in California and spent her early years in Australia and lived in Kona, Hawaii since the 1970's. She recently relocated to the Sedona area. For many years, all painting she did was for charity, but after the death of her husband, Penny decided to try making a living as an artist, a decision that she has never regretted. Penny has produced work ranging from murals to commercial art to fine art commissions to casual portraits for clients across the U.S. and around the world. She attributes the beauty, color and serene feeling of her artwork to living in some spectacularly beautiful places

The Importance of Slowing Down

Does it seem like life is moving too fast lately? It's a common thing, and it's important to take the time to take time for ourselves! One way to slow things down and relax is to take in art and beauty, in whatever form you find it. Whether it be through art, nature, color, music, or some other way. Fortunately, we here at the Sedona Artist Market have all of these things and more! So...breathe, relax, and revel in creativity in all of its forms!

Jan & Nelson Avery: Arizona Agate

Arizona Agate’s pendants, along with beautiful minerals from around the world, can now be found at the Sedona Artist Market. Jan Avery states, "I am a rockhound. I am blessed to live in central Arizona, just a stone's throw from the beautiful Sedona red rocks. My location allows me to travel all over the state looking for potential rocks for my cabochons. Some are from the Peloncillo Mountains in southeastern Arizona, some are from Sheep Bridge in Bloody Basin, and some are even from Apache Creek, New Mexico. "Most of the pendants I make started with a rock that I found. I cut the rock into slabs on a rock saw in my workshop. Next, I draw a shape on a slab and cut it out on a trim saw. On my

Rich Poling: Artist and Designer

Rich Poling is an experienced artist and designer living in Northern Arizona. He is married to a wonderful woman, the proud parent of four cats, and a lover of all things tech, music, movies, comedy, sports, fun, and good food. Rich has always had a love for drawing, painting, and designing. He studied Art and Graphic Design in College, and he has worked at internationally recognized design firms and studios for the past 30 years. In 1997, he founded Rich Poling Creative Arts, providing a wide array of artwork, concept images, environmental designs, and fine art illustration for the architecture and interior design industry. Presently he is pursuing a study in fine art focusing on contempor

New Artist Elly Sands

Elly began her art career as a traditional water colorist. After attending Philadelphia School of Art and many studio classes, she worked primarily with oil painting. After moving to Sedona, the colors of the desert, sculptural forms of the rocks, and the variety of wildlife began to stir her creative thoughts. She discovered the medium of colored pencil and won a number of awards for her work, including "Peoples' Choice," 1st and 2nd Place in the Sedona Art Center Annual Juried Members Show. Elly changed her medium from colored pencil to pastels. The rich colors are so immediate and vibrant! She particularly enjoys the results of the "hands-on effect" of softening and blending with the

Healer and Artist--Tracy Sheppard

One of our own Art Sales Consultants also has a booth here! Tracy had been traveling full-time with her husband when she was bitten by the Sedona 'bug' once again, after having lived here twice before (in '93 and '05). Tracy is an Empath, Healer, Astrologer, Writer, and Artist. She paints energetic resonances, and fills her art pieces with positive and supportive healing energies (using a variety of mediums, including Reiki). She strives toward the ideal that artwork can influence any environment that it's in. She is looking forward to adding short books to her booth in the near future, which will detail positive life-changing experiences that she's had in Sedona. These experiences inclu

Experience Sedona with your Senses!

While many across the nation are under snow, we in Sedona and the surrounding areas are currently experiencing sunny skies and mild temperatures. Among other things, it's perfect weather to get out there and explore the beauty that the red rocks offer! Sit on a rock, take your shoes off...breathe deep. That feeling that you pick up on is pure Sedona, and can be found in not only our Nature, but also our art. Photographs and paintings that feature majestic rocks and that can take your breath away...mystical glass pieces that spark the imagination...and more. It's more than just looking at art when you come to the Sedona Artist Market--it's an experience in and of itself! Ha

Max Knaus: Designer, World Traveler, Anthropologist

Max Knaus has been a Sedona resident for more than 20 years. His formal education as a cultural anthropologist took him to Indonesia where he did research among the indigenous people of the islands of Bali and Papua. His many travels have also led him to writing and publishing cultural travel books. While traveling through Asia, Max developed a keen interest in Asian arts, particularly Balinese arts. Together with his wife Melati, a native of Bali from a musical and artistic family, he designs and produces unique art pieces that express the traditions and artistic style of the Balinese people. As a native of Europe, having spent many years in Asia, and now residing among the beautiful red ro

Meet Bob of Bob Coates Photography

Bob Coates loves photography. A friend once told him, “ I’ll bet you have more pixels swimming around in your veins than you have red and white blood cells!” Bob guesses that’s what comes from living, sleeping, eating, and breathing the photographic process. He says it’s all about being and staying creative. He 'specializes in not specializing' because he's found that each genre of photography informs the next. For example, his experimentation in creating original digital art has been working its way into his commercial images. This gives him the ability to add more depth and dimension to the images he creates. He says that can really help the images jump off of the page, whether it be in a

Robert Tant Offers New Works

Born on Staten Island, New York, Robert Tant attended Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1979. He continued studying environmental design, moving from New York to Los Angeles in the fall of 1982, there attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Currently Robert resides in Flagstaff, Arizona. His many credits include inventor, interior and exterior architectural lighting designer/consultant, architectural designer, interior designer, illustrator, industrial designer, draftsman, graphic artist, painter, sculptor, and craftsman builder of stone and wood. Wall Hanging Sculptures are created from the natural beauty of earth's sublime elements. Rock Art Panels

Sedona's Crown of Jewels

Gordon Poisson, owner of Sedona's Crown of Jewels, (with the help of his wife, Deb) create one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry. Their artistic talent was first discovered in early childhood and continued after she earned her Master's Degree in Social Work Counseling, where she used art therapy with her clients in private practice, in Buffalo, New York. Deb moved to Sedona in 1995, where, inspired by the red rocks, she began designing jewelry. Sedona's Crown of Jewels features many types of finished jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, eyeglass chain holders, anklets, and sun catchers. She also does custom work, and she repairs and redesigns old, broken, beaded jewelry for her customer

Stephanie Brand: Photographer

For as long as she can remember, Stephanie Brand has been taking photographs. Since retiring from a busy law practice, she has traveled extensively, and she has focused on creating images that are true to the spirit of the places she’s visited. Her goal is to capture the very essence of her experiences. The images she is attracted to are both unique and iconic. She hopes they take the viewer to a special place that evokes warmth, realism, and a touch of mystery. Primarily self-taught, she has deepened her photographic knowledge with courses at the International Center of Photography in New York and in workshops with some of today’s most respected photographers. Her New York exhibits include

It's March--what are you up to?

March is typically the time in which winter starts gearing down, and Spring makes its intention known. It can be a delightful time of year; a time in which the Earth starts to re-awaken in certain ways--the days get even longer, and the birds chirp a little more happily (or is that just me?). We offer a lot here that can help you put a pep in your step, including aroma therapeutic sprays, pretty and colorful tops and pendants, etc., so c'mon in and see what sparks your interest!

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