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Wendy Wade: Jeweler

Wendy Wade has been a rockhound and and collector of stones beginning as early as her ability to pick them up and put them in her pocket. She has a strong desire to showcase the awesome beauty of Mother Nature and her love of minerals, gems, and pearls in her jewelry designs. Her life's purpose is making a difference in people's lives. After retiring from her practice as a clinical psychologist, she became interested in jewelry design using pearls, precious gemstones, and semiprecious gemstones. Her goal is to continue making a difference by bringing others closer to nature's bounties as they are showcased in her jewelry.

Sedona Snow!

If you're in the area, you know that we had our first official snowfall of the winter season! It was quite lovely to experience: bits of the sun's rays breaking through the mist, fluffy flakes falling, all among the beautiful red rocks. And of course, we've got some art for that! Whether you're looking for a new cozy hand-made scarf, jacket, or hat, or you are hankering for a painting or photo that captures the snowy Sedona mountains, we can help you find what you need and want!

Brenda Zyburt: Art of Spiritual Healing

The Sedona Artist Market is proud to welcome our new artist, Brenda Zyburt. Brenda is the author of Healing ~ I AM, Journey of the Soul and Welcome Home. She is an Artist who has created paintings, not of this world, showing the intense energy available to souls. These paintings are a “must see”. Brenda is also a sound healer using her voice and crystal singing bowls and is a Reiki Master. She uses paintings as a meditative journeying tool to access one's own portal to higher dimensions and to connect with spirit guides. Brenda has a Masters of Science degree major Global Business Management, and has traveled the world. She loves being outdoors, hiking, meditating, being in flowing water,

Step into the spotlight!

The Film Festival is coming to town soon! It's a pretty big deal for the town and community alike. Some of the films are going to be playing right next door to us in the Harkins Theater, so if you're nearby, be sure to stop on by and see all the new art that is always here. Our artists are routinely adding new and different items to their booths--so there's always something new to see!

Nancy Bihler: Jeweler

Nancy was born and raised in the Chicago area, graduated from the University of Illinois, and upon an early retirement in 1989, moved with her family to Sedona. After joining the Sedona Gem and Mineral Club in 1992, she met and became good friends with longtime member Charles Kacsur, who, before retirement, had been a master jeweler and industrial arts teacher in New York. At age 83, he was still creating extraordinary lapidary and jewelry work as a hobby in his home in Sedona where he had resided since 1974. One day, after rockhounding for the first time with him and several friends in the Camp Verde area, Nancy visited his home shop to cut and polish one of the candy stripe travertine rock

Sedona Souvenirs

Sedona is a place of unique beauty. Take a piece of it home with you!

Three-day Weekend Fun!

Three-day weekends give us a certain relaxing vibe, don't they? Add some fun and festivities to your time this weekend, and stop on by to enjoy the lovely and inspiring things we offer. We regularly hear from customers how much they love the space, and how much there is to see--and we agree! There is always something new to see and explore. Come join us!

Happy President's Day Weekend

I was a bit curious as to why we have a presidents day. So I googled it and here is what I found. "Presidents' Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called “Washington's Birthday” by the federal government. Presidents' Day - Holidays -" Upon reading when presidents day began I remembered when I was a young girl and recalled them saying it was Washington's Birthday. Most of us know presidents day as a three day weekend with special sales at almost every store, but especially cars and furniture. Here a

Our February 'Third Thursday' is tonight!

Our 'Third Thursday' SAM community gathering and meet-and-greet is tonight, and if you haven't been to one yet--c'mon by! It's a wonderful way to peruse all of the great art (of all types) that we have here, as well as possibly speak with the artist. It's from 5-7. There's some yummy treats and good music, too! Tonight is Gina Machovina, who will mesmerize, entertain, and inspire through her vocals and guitar talents. Hope to see you here!

Painted Silk Scarves by Karen Spehar

Karen Spehar graduated from Fashion Design School in New York City when she was 19. The art class was her favorite, and she was offered a job at Art News. Three years later, she sold scarves at Macy's in San Francisco. After a career in real estate, she began painting impressionistic studies in watercolor, pastels, and oils. One class that stood out for her was taught by Betty Ritter of Prescott, who inspired Karen with her watercolor silk scarf technique. Further inspiration was provided by Ellie Baker, who motivated Karen to listen to her inner voice of wisdom, meditate, travel, observe, and follow her heart and paint. Karen starts with a white silk scarf, paints it, steams it for four hou

Clark Sheppard's Landscapes

Clark Sheppard celebrates Sedona’s magic and beauty with award-winning paintings in oil/acrylic/watercolor. The most recent recognition of his art was a request for the licensing of his oil painting, “Creekside Cathedral,” featured in the New Media series "Snatchers," produced by Stage 13, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Since the licensing of his art to Warner Bros., Clark started looking to develop a specialized niche utilizing his vibrant color palette. He attended a “Modern Abstract” workshop at the Sedona Art Center. Clark took to this new and stylized way of painting like a duck to water, calling it “whimsically abstracting the landscape.” Former President George W. Bush is

Barbie Edwards: Jewelry Maker

Barbie Edwards has been making jewelry for the last 30 years. She was in many artist and shopping malls along the California coast a few years ago. She has been featured in several national magazines, including Magical Blend. Barbie has since moved to Arizona where she continues her jewelry work. Each piece is made with fine gemstones and exceptional pendants. She specializes in fresh water pearls, amethyst, aquamarine, jade, citrine, lapis, labradorite, moonstone, and tiger's eye. Her friends have asked her to add rosaries and meditation bead bracelets to her designs. Custom orders are accepted.

4 Days to Valentines Day!

If you're looking for Valentines Day cards and gifts look no further than the Sedona Artist Market. We have a variety of lovely cards for your sweetheart and of course don't forget the jewelry and other art your sweetie would like. We are open 10 - 5 seven days per week so stop by and get that special piece.

It's time for Friday Fun!

It's Friday, and what does that mean? It's a time in which there's a general light feeling in the air, because it's the start of the weekend! Whatever you're up to this weekend, be sure to spend a little time outdoors in this warm weather that we're having, whether it be taking a walk / hike, or just sitting on a rock and enjoying the blue skies and red rocks. And as we get closer to Valentine's Day, think of us when it comes to finding that perfect card or item that will warm your loved one's heart!

New Crystals and More

The Quartzite and Tucson gem shows are in full swing and many of our artists here at the Sedona Artist Market are bringing in lots of new crystals and merchandise. Stop by and have a look!

Supporters of SAM, we thank you all.

Here is a photograph of a past SAM celebration cake! We wanted to take today's blog post to thank you all for your continued support for everything our artists and staff do everyday. This would not be possible without your contributions, kindness, and love; we all greatly appreciate it! We look forward to seeing you the next time you stop in :) TEAM SAM

Jenna Vivre Plays Sedona Artist Market!

Musician Jenna Vivre will be at Sedona Artist Market on Tuesdays, Feb. 6, 13, and 20. She might also show up on Sundays, Feb. 11 and 18. If you've had the pleasure of hearing her sing, you'll want to come hear her again. And if you haven't, now's your chance! Jenna also creates jewelry from recycled guitar strings. Her work will be available for purchase.

Tracy J. Elliott: Painter

Tracy Elliott was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Throughout her life, she has been involved in artistic endeavors: sculpting in many different mediums, abstract painting, and completing commissioned original murals on doors, walls, and buildings. Tracy moved to Sedona in 2009, feeling led by God to pursue her art here full-time. In 2010, she took a workshop in mixed media painting and fell in love with this form of artistic expression as well as abstract work. Tracy's abstract metal creations are an explosion of color, joyfully dancing on the wall with metal swirls and glimmering glass. Her fiber clay sculptures are also whimsical and playful. Come in to Sedona Artist Market from 10 to

Photography by Peter Gassner

Peter Gassner practiced cosmetic dentistry in Connecticut for more than 35 years. He combined his interests in golf and photography and began traveling to photograph golf courses. Some of his photos have been published in books and national magazines. Drawn to the natural beauty of the southwest, he moved to Sedona in 2005. Peter has won several photographic awards including honorable mention in the National Parks Association with more than 10,000 entries. He was also a finalist in Arizona Highways Photography of the Year. He says, "When I have a visual experience that excites me, I want to capture it and try to convey that emotion to my audience. Digital photography has allowed me to contro

Crystal Love!

One thing you might not know about the Sedona Artist Market is that we offer a wonderful selection of crystals, minerals, and gemstones that are sourced not only locally, but also from around the world! One of our booths (#39, run by Nicole and David Lavoie) is featuring a lot of new and exciting items, such as an assortment of different salt lamps, as well as shungite! Shungite is only found in Karelia (a part of Russia) and offers powerful EMF protection. It's an ancient mineral thought to be over 2 billion years old. It contains fullerenes--which are powerful antioxidants, and it's known to be protecting and healing on all levels. Something to note: all items from this booth are scal

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