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Dancing Moon

Naomi Martnick, the artist behind Dancing Moon, discovered at a young age that she was deeply connected to creating art. Graduating with an Associates Degree in Interior Design, she went on to manage a local jewelry shop while still taking many art classes and continuing to create. In 2010, Naomi met her soon-to-be-husband Brett and his pug Frank and fell in love. They moved from Pennsylvania to Portland, Oregon. In Portland, Naomi combined her passion for metaphysical gemstones and creating into a business which she named Dancing Moon. Naomi now lives in Sedona, where she, her husband, and Frank the pug enjoy exploring and connecting with the community. Naomi is also a certified yoga instru

Spirit Heart Art

New vendors Linda and David, of Spirit Heart Art, have arrived at Sedona Artist Market. They state that all items sold through Spirit Heart are created with love and guidance from Spirit. All paintings are created by Linda. Inspired by nature, she says, "I like to play with colors. I often do a meditation before I begin painting and stop throughout the process to just look at the piece and see if Spirit has any direction to give me. I have ideas and then while creating, it’s like the possibilities open up and I just allow the image to come through. I find myself getting lost in some of my paintings. It’s what I love about the process." All jewelry is created by David. He grew up taking every

What is a Raven? What is a Crow?

Here at the Sedona Artist Market we are often asked if the majestic, black birds outside are Ravens or Crows? Well, look no further, we have your answer here!! Painting above by Wayne Johnson titled "King of the Hill" First off, what is a raven? Known as a 'common raven' or a 'northern raven' these birds are part of the passerine bird family, or more specifically a Corvid. The common raven can be found all across the Northern Hemisphere, and is the most widely distributed of all of the corvids. There are at least eight subspecies with little variation in appearance. Now for what a crow is, or more specifically what an American crow is. The scientific name for a crow is a 'Corvus brac

What Is Art?

"Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power." (Wikipedia) What is art to you? To me, art is something to look at, listen to, and feel. As stated in the definition above, it is intended to be appreciated for its beauty and emotional power. I find that I can get lost in art. Closing my eyes and listening to certain pieces of music allows me to shift my energy and go to a completely different place. Visual art can do this as well. If you look at some art long enough you begin seeing things in the piece you did not

January in Sedona

Here in Sedona we are often blessed with mild winters and are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery year round. Take a hike, enjoy the scenery, and when you're done come in and see us at the Sedona Artist Market.

Give yourself a break!

In this very busy society, it's important that at times we all slooow down and take it easy! Spending some nurturing time with beautiful and colorful things can be so energizing and inspiring, and art forms of all types are innately healing to all who connect with it. So remember to be gentle with yourself, and take some time to relax and rejunvenate with the help of art!

Big Love Tie Dye

Sedona Artist Market welcomes new vendors, the creators of Big Love Tie Dye. Jamie Shea and her family are passionate about creating high quality wearable art. Big Love Tie Dye is a local household of hand-crafters specializing in custom tie-dye. They believe in spreading kindness and putting their whole heart and soul into each creation. T-shirts, skirts, and more are available. Their long beautiful maxi skirt can also be worn as a strapless dress. Made from lightweight 95% rayon and 5% spandex, the folks at Big Love claim it basically feels the same as being naked. The sizes are extremely forgiving which means they are the perfect piece of clothing to buy as a gift. Each piece is one of

Cyndie Koopsen

Cyndie Koopsen is a ceramicist. She is a potter. She is an artist. Oddly enough, she took an art class when she was eight years old and was told she had no talent and no creativity. Clearly, some people should not teach. Cyndie has always loved playing in the mud; she's very tactile. She loves to start with one thing and transform it into something else. She began ceramics classes two years ago and seems to have found her niche. She finds it difficult to contain all of her ideas. When she can't sleep, she happily tunes in to pottery videos on her phone, watching under the covers so she doesn't disturb her husband. One of the techniques she enjoys is sgraffito, which is produced by applying l


Plenty of hearts and other arts are available to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day. Come by Sedona Artist Market, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week to shop!

Third Thursday

Sedona Artist Market's Third Thursday on Jan. 18 brought in a nice crowd who perused the artwork of 100+ vendors, listened to beautiful music by Tina + Oman, chatted and snacked.

Life is a Work of Art!

Interesting thing, life. Oftentimes we might find ourselves in a state of being that feels lackluster and 'blah'. One thing that we can always do is look for what we can change--whether it be inner or outer, and sometimes the outer can help with the inner. For instance, something as simple as a throw pillow can make a positive difference. Or just the right hanging piece of art (whether it's canvas, metal, ceramic, photograph, fabric, beads, etc.), Whatever medium it is, whether it be through a lively burst of color to your environment, or whether it showcases a favorite image, it can add a lift to your mind and spirit! And who couldn't use a little more of that? The more inspired we are

Introducing 2 More New Artists for January 2018

Ron Hart one of our new artists for 2018 brings us these amazing wall pieces. You will find Ron's pieces in booth 49. Carol Gandolfo another new arthist here at SAM adorns a wall with her one of a kind paintings. Stop by and see her in booth 41.

New Artists

We are beginning 2018 with some wonderful new artists! Here are samples of three of our new artists. Soul Formations by Rae Ebeling Soul Formations are hanging sculptures with four dimensions. The usual three, plus a 4th being Spirit! Rae uses sticks and stones and the spirit residing in them to create these unique sculptures. Stop by the Sedona Artist Market booth 36A to find that unique piece for your sacred space. Paintings by: Helen McLuckie Helen's art in the store is mostly paintings. Although she also is a carver and sculptor. Stop by booth # 24 and take home that special piece to finish decorating that wall! Fibers Gone Wild by Hildegard Szuklitsch Hildegard creates these one of

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