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Black Friday weekend!

If you're in the mood to shop for the Holiday season, keep us in mind. We offer a plethora of Beautiful, Engaging, and Inspiring things (of all price points and mediums), all with a little of that special Sedona magic! Come on by and Enjoy!

Elizabeth Martina Bishop

Elizabeth Martina Bishop is an author, performance poet, choreographer, and visionary artist. A writer of both prose and poetry, she wrote her first poem when she was seven years old. She grew up in New York City, joining the Peace Corps in the first year of the program and serving in north Africa. She then lived in Ireland for 13 years before moving back to the U.S., where she spent the next 15 years teaching and counseling on the Navajo Nation. Elizabeth has been busily self-publishing numerous books of poetry since 2009. She is currently enrolled in the Carlow University Writing Program. She also has a PhD in ethnic studies from Bowling Green. Elizabeth recently wrote 365 poems in one mon

Block Printing and More!

Brian Myers always dreamed of being an artist for a living. He finds he is inspired by the natural environment, beauty all around him and other artists. Brian graduated from Maryland Institute College of Arts, better known as MICA -- one of the top art schools on the east coast -- and had a successful career in advertising and marketing before moving to Sedona with his wife about five years ago. Brian is now living his dream as a full-time artist. He works in mixed media, acrylic and oil painting, as well as block printing. The image shown here is one of his linoleum block prints. To do this print, Brian first carves the image into the linoleum. He then inks the block with the colors he wan

Wayne Johnson: Photographer

Wayne Johnson grew up in a rural area of western New York where he developed a close connection to the land, forests, and streams at an early age. This led him to a career in the field of horticulture which he pursued for 35 years, before moving to Sedona in 2006 with his wife Susan. In Arizona, Wayne discovered fascinating geology, lush riparian areas, and a tremendous diversity of plants, birds, and other wildlife. For Wayne, observing and recording this ecosystem is a constant reminder that these are the real treasures of the world. His objective in doing so is to inspire others to better appreciate the natural world by conveying an ever-more-intimate portrait of that which is wild and fr

Full Moon Creativity!

The Full Moon is upon us again, this time in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is all about Beauty, Home, Comfort, Art, and Material Possessions! All of the 'best things in life', as they say. And art is something that encompasses all of these categories! If you're a bit weary these days, you can find something here that can give you a warm, cozy, and inspired feeling: a new favorite mug, inspiring painting, or 'feel-good' new favorite piece of jewelry, to name a few!

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Sedona Artist Market

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