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Nancie Plum

Nancie Plum has expressed her creativity through interior design, home building, home remodeling, and landscaping. More recently, she took a class in fiber clay, and she found a new passion in the process. Mixing fiber into clay gives the clay many new properties. Artists can allow the clay to dry out and then make attachments. Sculptures can be built that would be impossible with plain clay. Nancie says her sculptures seem to find life as quirky characters, some of which are Arizona inspired and others which are just whimsical creatures inspired by life around us.

Supporting Local Artists!

Sedona Artist Market is proud to be a part of the local art scene, and grateful for the part that we play in terms of connecting the public with some amazing art and the people who make it! We have artists of all types--working with paint, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, etc., and in all mediums--painting, sculpture, jewelry, etc. We have a wide range of price points, which makes it all that much easier to find something beautiful and inspiring for yourself and your loved ones! The ability to reach a wide audience is one of the wonderful benefits of being based in lovely (internationally known and visited) Sedona, AZ. This area is known as a mecca for spiritual and healing arts, and we are m

June Payne Hart: Wildlife Artist

June Payne Hart was once scolded for her artistic endeavors when, at the age of three, she literally painted the family cat with thick green paint. A few years later, she was the youngest student to be accepted to study art at the Birmingham College of Art in her native England. After graduating with honors, she worked as a design consultant for Harrods of London and also as chief designer for Accord Greeting Cards worldwide. June also traveled throughout Europe to study art and nature. Inspired by the English 18th and 19th century artists, she launched her own art career. Her love for nature and all God’s creatures moved her to paint these subjects. The artist’s move to Arizona in 1980 insp

Shaeri Richards: Zen Paintings

Shaeri Richards wears many hats. She is a certified hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor, and author. She is also a filmmaker and artist, and her work can be seen at Sedona Artist Market. Zen painting, also known as Sumi-e, is typically created using black ink on rice paper. There is evidence that ink wash painting has existed since the fifth century. The goal of the painting is to capture the spirit of the subject instead of its appearance. Paint strokes cannot be changed or erased, making the work technically demanding. The art form typically requires years of training. Shaeri studied Zen painting in Sedona with Zen Master painter Alok Hsu Kwang-han. She was so moved by her teacher's way of

The Blue Stone of Atlantis

After retiring to the Southwest in 2010, Gary James was looking for a creative outlet. His interest in Native American jewelry inspired him to start working with turquoise. He took classes and continued to develop his skills. While attending a trade show in Phoenix, Gary was introduced to Larimar, a gemstone which is only found in the Dominican Republic. He creates original designs as well as "rescuing" pieces that either have damaged or unattractive stones, which he then repairs. Metaphysical properties of this "blue stone of Atlantis" are many. The stone is said to have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing energies. It is also said to represent peace and clarity. Gary has a s

Happy Birthday/Third Thursday

Last nights birthday party was a great success! The musician for the evening was Chris Huelsbeck. He played his lively Electronica for all of us to enjoy. It was a spirited event and fun was had by all. Browse through the above pictures and remember next months third Thursday, October 19th, 2017.

A Retrospective

We are SO excited for tomorrow's commemorative party here at the Sedona Artist Market. One year ago we were focused on preparing for our opening ceremony; it is amazing to know that today we prepare for the recognization of one year's worth of memories, art, new friends, and so many amazing interactions. We thank you all for your continued support during these wonderful transformative days. Stop by tomorrow (Thursday 21st) for a very special evening of relaxation, food & drink, cheers, and a whole lotta art!!! :D

Support Fair Trade

Tish Siemion spent 25 years teaching. She moved to Sedona in 1988 and worked with clay, antique buttons, and jewelry. During a trip to Mexico, where she helped establish a language program, she learned that the vendors at the market only sold their goods locally. Interested in fair trade, she started a co-op to help the Aztecs sell their goods more widely. Fair trade helps producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. It advocates for higher payment for exporters as well as improved social and environmental standards. Soon, a Mayan friend introduced her to fair trade work in Guatemala as well. Tish now works with Mayans in Mexico and Guatemala, Aztecs in Mexico, Tigua

Mark Vranesh

It's clear that Mark Vranesh has been influenced by his love for the southwest and those who came before us. He creates petroglyph images and landscapes by combining watercolor impressionism with handmade paper, pastels, photography, and natural fiber collage. Mark began his art career while in law school. The self-taught painter has since received the "Nevada's Best" award and enjoyed a moment of fame on QVC, selling more than 400 of his petroglyph gourd vessels in seven minutes. Mark says, "My art is a reflection of my experiences, travels, and inner feelings. Inspired by nature's beauty and a sense of place, I hope to capture the joys we all share." Visit Sedona Artist Market from 10 to 5

Adam Frank, New Artist

Adam, uses recycled cotton fiber to create his one of a kind 3D art sculptures. It is a process similar to old fashioned paper making. These sculptures are relatively light weight, extremely durable and a beautiful addition to any wall. "As an artist my goal is to raise the vibration of any given space by enhancing the existing aesthetic. I work with many mediums including paper, metal, wood, glass and ceramics." Adam Frank Stop by and choose which of Adam's sculptures should go on your wall! Sedona Artist Market is open 10 am to 5 pm seven days per week.

Musical Tuesday

After yesterdays 9/11 remembrance we felt the necessity to remind ourselves how valuable music can be to aid us through the most difficult times. One of our local vending artists (David Harvey) has a wonderful assortment of tunes and melodies on CD for us to enjoy through the highs and the lows! Next time you are in the area we hope you stop by and enjoy all that we have to offer here at the Sedona Artist Market :)

Art is Good For You!

Science has proven that partaking in art (simply looking at it, not to mention creating it) can affect us on all levels of our being in positive ways. I think we've all experienced feeling more inspired and less stressed after seeing something that's engaged our minds and sense of beauty. Feeling uplifted helps to lower our cortisol (otherwise known as the 'stress hormone', and can help us feel...well, whatever we want, really. Do you want to feel more peaceful? Take in water scenes, Nature, flowers, the Moon. Do you want to feel more energized and invigorated? Spend t

Owl Feather Studio at the Sedona Artist Market

Kathie Gabriel, with her son and daughter are Owl Feather Studios. They have been part of the Sedona Artist Market since we opened our doors last year. Along with creating one-of-a-kind sacred feather fans, purses & shamanic shields painted on deerhide, she still enjoys working with color by painting on canvas. Her original Sedona Deck & Oracle© (now in its third printing) features artwork about Sedona and is another creation directed from Spirit. Kathie was led to Sedona in the mid 90’s and currently shares a home and studio at the base of Thunder Mountain in Sedona, AZ, with her grown artist children. She never tires of the red rock views and loves working in her garden when she is not w

Full Moon Fever!

There's a Full Moon today! One way that you can soothe your hurried mind is by coming in for a visit and soaking in all of the wonderful art we offer. It's one of the best ways to get your groove back--so when you feel like howling at the moon, come here to find your pack, and find what you need to get back on track!

Judy Classen: Jewelry Maker

When Judy Classen was a child, her mother taught her to be creative with her hands. Over the years, she has kept her hands busy with sewing, needlepoint, cross-stitch, quilting, and rug hooking. After moving to Sedona, Judy went to a bead shop, and she has been making jewelry ever since. She does custom work and repairs. Judy's work can be seen at both the Sedona Artist Market and the Sedona Arts Center, where she has been a featured artist many times.

Don Voss: Painter

Don Voss committed his life to a deep connection to the Earth and the Great Mystery. He aspired to deepen his awareness by honoring the Earth, meditating, going on vision quests, and participating in sweat lodge ceremonies. His work contains mandalas, sacred geometry, animal spirits, ancestors, and a language that emerged from him as he painted. His art was greatly inspired by the terrain of the Southwest, particularly the red rocks of Sedona. Don and his wife moved here in 2012. While he has since crossed over, he left the world a better place with an amazing plethora of art for others to enjoy.

Birthday Month for Sedona Artist Market!

It's September, and that means it's a one year Celebration of the 'new' Sedona Artist Market (under new ownership)! If you haven't visited us lately, definitely stop on by and see our wares--we've had an influx of new artists specializing in all sorts of mediums (including leatherwork, watercolor, and paper art), and you'll be amazed at the quality items you can find here, at all price points! The 3rd Thursday of this month (9/21) will be our 'Meet the Artists' event AND Birthday / Anniversary Celebration, from 5-7 p.m.! They'll be a lot of fun, food, and festivities, featuring music by Chris Huelsbeck ( We would love to meet and talk with you more, so come on down!

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