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Charlieware, the Pottery

Charlie Anderson calls his pottery Charlieware and his style Pueblo Fusion. He uses designs found on Ancestral Puebloan pots as well as elements from modern Pueblo pottery. His designs are not true to any specific Pueblo but may include portions of several different Pueblos as well as images from Mimbres pottery from southern New Mexico. Charlie is also greatly influenced by the potters of Mata Ortiz, Mexico, where he learned to make and use human hair brushes. For ten years he spent vacations living and making pottery with different families in this small Mexican village. Charlie has lived most of his life in the American Southwest. This allowed him to explore the ruins and examine arti

Grounded in Love, Joy, and Ease

Nicole and David Lavoie are both Reiki practitioners, energy healers, and proficient with crystal programming. David worked for over 7 years with a local crystal mine which processed over 10,000 flats of crystal of every imaginable variety. He also learned a lot about each type of crystal, where they are located, and their metaphysical properties. Using various frequency and scalar technologies, they clear and program crystals for the highest good. All crystals are charged with the Love frequency using Scalar Waves. This enhances the crystal, yet does not change or interfere with its metaphysical properties and natural frequency. The Love frequency is 528hz. It is part of the ancient so

Windy Tuesday at The Sedona Artist Market!

While the gusts of wind blow outside have been quite powerful today, we are as strong as ever here at SAM. We want to welcome the recent few new artists who have joined our family, as well as give a big hello to those who have been with us since the start. Speaking of the start, next month (September) we will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of SAM! On the 21st of the month we will be having a fun party for all those who wish to join us to celebrate this wonderful occasion. More info to come in the near future! Stay tuned :)

Adrienne Pritchard: Custom Jewelry

Adrienne was born and raised in the Midwest. Her grandmother taught her knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, sewing, and embroidery. Later in life she explored pottery, copper enameling, and weaving. These were hobbies for her own enjoyment and for gifts, although she did sell a few items to friends. Adrienne retired after working 35 years in corporate accounting and she later relocated to Arizona. She took beading classes and was hooked. She then studied various techniques such as wire wrap and weave, pearl crochet, complex beading styles and stitches, silversmithing, and working with precious metal clay. She acquired a Japanese marudai table for braiding and has incorporated the technique of

Myra Shutt: Artist, Trumpet Player, Singer

Myra Shutt began formal art lessons at the age of 10, studying with a neighbor who was a retired art teacher. Following a visit to Sedona and Arizona, her art teacher told Myra about her trip and introduced her to the magazine "Arizona Highways" with its remarkable photos of artwork, landscapes, and culture which made an everlasting impression. Myra is currently working in acrylic, mixed media, and bronze sculpture. She also has been a professional trumpet player and vocalist since childhood.

Authentic Native American Artistry

Here's a look at one of our new artists, David Wolfs Robe! His medium is 'Native Leather', and his pieces include Spirit Quest [medicine] pouches, Gorgets, and handbags. Made from a variety of leathers and featuring intricate beadwork, his work is beautiful, inspiring, and compelling. Dave is a recognized member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, and is also known for many years as one of the premier Traditional Native American flute performers (you might catch him playing at one of the local resorts, and his CD is for sale here as well)! He's also an Army veteran, having served in Desert Storm and Afghanistan. We are happy to welcome David Wolf's Robe to the Sedona Artist Market! Stop

Euripides Rodriguez

Rip was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the US at the age of four. In kindergarten he picked up his first brush, knowing from that early age that he would be an artist. He attended the High School of Art and Design where he studied commercial and fine art. He earned BFA and MFA degrees at the School of Visual Arts, NY. Soon after graduating, he began exhibiting in group shows. Rip says his goal is to create a painting that is compositionally sound. Viewers are invited to create their own interpretation of the narrative presented.

Eclipse Day Happiness!

Where were you on Eclipse Day 2017?! I know where I was, here at the beautiful Sedona Artist Market! We welcomed a few new wonderful artists to our growing family of local creators, and we could not be happier!! Our first paper based artist has created some fascinating multi-dimensional, sculptures that cover many various themes and many forms. As always, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how many fascinating artists work we have on display at the Sedona Artist Market. Open 7 days a week from 10 to 5 :) We look forward to seeing you!

Brent Jones: Photographer

Here at the Sedona Artist Market we have a number of photographers who use multiple techniques to capture a variety of subjects. One of those photographers is Brent Jones, who captures HDR photos of the Sedona area. HDR or High Dynamic Range is a form of photography which produces a greater range of luminance than traditional digital photography and more closely approximates what the human eye can see. Brent Jones is a skilled photographer who has been producing beautiful HDR images for many years. In the 90’s he worked as a freelance photographer in Southern California. He moved to Sedona in 2003 and began photographing the southwestern landscapes. Brent’s photos have been collected an

Laura Albert: Dichroic Glass Jewelry Artist

Laura Albert’s interest in jewelry making was sparked when she was a young teen. Her first projects were stringing love bead necklaces in the early seventies. In 1999, a friend introduced her to dichroic glass, a form of fusible glass first invented by NASA for the space industry and then adapted for use by glass artists, who appreciate its vibrant colors. With her friend’s help Laura began making dichroic glass jewelry. She has been selling her dichroic glass jewelry since we opened our doors last September. Stop by Sedona Artist Market and see some of Laura’s beautiful jewelry.

3rd Thursday Meet the Artist Event

Musician, Ed Cooper, joined us with some pleasant rock and roll to listen to while looking at the art and visiting with the artists. We all had a great time and hope you can join us next month for our 1st Birthday 3rd Thursday Meet the Artist event. It is sure to be a good time! Directly below we have two of our local artists; Adrienne Pritchard makes beautiful jewelry and Ruth Cornell creates dicroich glass art for your walls. The final picture of our event is Steve Moffitt standing in front of his sculpture and sharing pictures of his other sculptures with a customer. Our next celebration will be September 21st! 5 pm to 7 pm. Should be a fun one! Hope to see you there.

The Door Is Wide Open

Sonia Thomas started creating art as soon as she could pick up a crayon. The one medium she has yet to work in is glass, and it's only a matter of time before she tackles that. Inspired by feelings, energy, fantasy, and connecting with others, her preferred medium is clay. Sonia holds a Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in ceramics. She has myriad ideas for new works, saying "the door is wide open."

The Great Peacemakers Art Exhibit

See the work of one of Sedona Artist Market's own, Steve Simon, at The Great Peacemakers Art Exhibit. The exhibit features 38 paintings and takes place at the Sedona Arts Center Art Barn, Sept. 19-24, 10 to 5 daily. For more information,visit

Art Healing

An intuitive empath, Tracy Sheppard created her first painting when she was seven years old. She was inspired by her mother's artwork, but her mom is a realist who paints scenes, while Tracy is an abstract painter who paints emotions. She describes her work as being about "healings and feelings." Tracy has recently moved to Sedona for the third time, and for the first time, her art is displayed at Sedona Artist Market. Come check it out!

Hiking Inspiration

Sedona Artist Market (SAM) has a variety of artists, ranging from painters to potters to wood carvers and more. Today I would like to share with you one of our wood carving artists. Andrew Johnson is an amazing wood carver specializing in walking sticks. Andy made his first walking stick when he was still a teenager. As you will see when you look closely at them, each stick is unique and one of a kind and made from local Sedona wood. Stop by before your hike so you can ensure the best hiking possible.

Welcome! :)

We here at the Sedona Artist Market are so happy to welcome you to our wonderful collective of local artists! In fact, we have over 100 local artists creations on display! Our 8,000 sq ft space offers an enjoyable experience for all involved, that means you! Stop by next time you are in the area; I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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